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Hi, I’m Spooky

PP number: PP41


Name: Spooky


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: Price on application



Hello my name is spooky and I am an african grey. I’m staying with my safehouse mom and dad, its a lovely place and I really love my safehouse dad, I let him scratch my head and cuddle me but I don’t like the ladies of the house they have tried to play games with me but I prefer males .



I was living with a cockatiel and a yorkie dog but I wasn’t out my cage very often .


Current Presentation:
I am fully feathered and don’t pluck at all I’m a very pretty bird .


safehouse dad is rewarding me when I’m good and I listen to him. He is trying to get me to step up, I love putting my head on his shoulder and having cuddles and i like playing throw with him and I have a big rope that I chew on .



My diet consists of AS30 fresh fruit and veg daily and a grape every now and then and the odd boiled egg.



I like playing throw the ball with the human and I have a big rope that I chew on. I like cardboard boxes and paper to shred.



I prefer men but with the right training I could learn to love the ladies of the house. I love to sit on top of my cage and gaze out the window and I love toys to play with. .I don’t like it when my sh mom tries to clean my cage….hang on…I don’t like anyone touching my cage. apparently I’m doing the right thing by admitting this as my safe house dad is helping me overcome this, reassuring me its ok. I don’t like the hoover when safehouse mom is cleaning. I do like making noises, like mimicking the phone, alarms and blowing kisses and I say come on. my previous owners had a cockatiel and I do screech sometimes but my sh dad is trying to get me out of this. I do want fuss and attention lots but I like men a lot more than the ladies but with some training and trust I might come round . When I came to my sh mom and dads I would only eat seed but now I am on AS3O and fresh fruit and veg and I love grapes and a bit of toast and a boiled egg every now and then.
Lots of love, Spooky.

Location: Brierley hill

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