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Hi, I’m Sonu

PP number: PP681


Name: Sonu


Species: Galah Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £350





Hi my name is Sonu, I’m about 12 years old, I’m slightly plucked but very handsome. I can be a bit nervous around new people but once I get used to you, I love chatting to you and dancing.



I was adopted by a lovely couple but circumstances meant they couldn’t care for me and they made the very hard decision to hand me back into the charity to find a forever family.


Current presentation:

I’ve plucked my feathers, but have done this for a long time. I’m a little nervous with too much noise and too many people and will let you know if I’m unhappy. I will stay in my cage and don’t like coming out, but when I do I’m a little bit naughty for going back in. I am frightened very easily and prefer a radio on in the background and someone to chatter to.



My safehouse Mam tried every day to get me to step up which I’ve done a few times but I’m a little wary. I need to learn to not give her a nip when I step up and this will need ongoing training. She tries to bribe me with almonds so these will be a good training food for me.



I totally love any fruit and vegetables, my favourite being chunks of corn on the cob and peas. I love grapes but I don’t get very many here. I have neophema along with one half walnut and two cashews a day. My diet needs to be watched as I put weight on very easily.



I have a cardboard box in the bottom of my cage with scrunched up papers in and hidden food so I have to go and forage for them. There’s also some pieces of cardboard through the cage bars that I love to shred during the day. I only have two toys in my cage, one being my safety toy. I play with this when I’m a little nervous or stressed so I need to keep it in my cage always. New toys freak me out, I will be really unhappy with them, but if you introduce them very very slowly, they will be fine. My safehouse Mam tried to put a magazine in my cage rolled up so I could shred it but I got scared so I’m happy with cardboard please.



Sonu is a really sweet bird, he talks all day long asking for kisses, shouting COOKIEEEE, and he makes the most sweetest noises, specially when he has head tickles. He doesn’t come out of his cage even though the door is open all day, he chooses to stay on his perches either basking in the sunshine through the window or at the front of his cage getting head scritches.
Please note, Sonu will bite you when he’s had enough, please take that into consideration. He does not like my dog when he walks past his cage, he freaks out, but he is getting better. He shares a room with some budgies which he chatters away with all day long, but he doesn’t like the bigger birds at all.

He seem to prefer myself rather than the male in the house and will come straight to the front of the cage for fuss and will take almonds from you really gently.
He would be a happy bird in a quiet home with no children running around. He’s quite a settled, happy bird, loves to dance with you and boy does he have some moves haha. He has plucked the feathers on his chest and down his legs a little but in time with no stress he may stop doing this.

Sonu needs a quiet home where he can live a peaceful life. He doesn’t do very good with small children and too much noise, so would suit a more mature home he can chatter away with, offering his kisses and play ‘peek-a-boo’.

Sonu is a happy chap, loves to chat away to you and dance. Loves head tickles and anyone to ask for kisses from. If you think you can handle this handsome chap, then please make sure you’re aware of his needs.


Location: Norfolk

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