Snowy, Sparkle and the Finches ~ PP1093/94/95/98/99

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Hi, we are Snowy, Sparkle and the Finches

PP number: PP1094/95/96/98/99.


Name: Snowy, Sparkle and the Finches


Species: Canaries & Finches


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee:  TBC




Hello we are 2 canaries called Snowy and Sparkle.  We live with 3 Zebra Finches which have not been named.



Our previous owner had us all in the indoor aviary with the kakarikis and the budgies. But the budgies bullied us all.  Our ages, history and health is unknown.


Current Presentation

Our safe house family have put us all together in one cage and we have become a little family.  We don’t like having hands in the cage and we are flighty when spooked.



We have had no training.



We are given budgie seed mix with fresh fruit, veg and boiled eggs by our previous owner.  Our safe house family has kept us put us on Foreign Finch along with fresh fruit and veg.



We like to use the swing and the mirror that has been placed in our cages by our safe house family.



Snowy and Sparkle are delightful little canaries.  We have named the finches rusty, pip and squeak.  Rusty has a bib on its chest that is a rust colour.  Pip and Squeak are little zebra finches.  These are all unsexed.


Location: South Wales

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