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Hi, I’m Sinita

PP number: PP1172


Name: Sinita


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £400





Hi I’m Sinita, I’m a very beautiful umbrella cockatoo. I’m about 12 years old and female.


I used to live in an aviary with other birds but then I went to live with a lovely couple who loved me. Sadly my Dad passed away so my Mam was my main carer. She loved me so much, but she was getting on in life and found it harder to care for me. It was hard for her to make the decision but I understood.


Current presentation
I’m a fully feathered and fully flighted beautifully white bird. My amazing crest is my biggest attraction.


I will happily step up to anyone, as long as they give tickles and cuddles. I think I could do with some training to learn me to step up a bit quicker as I’m a little stubborn sometimes.
My safehouse Mam has put a harness on me nearly every day so I’m getting used to that now and I really don’t mind it going on and off, I’m such an easy bird to handle.
In my previous home they allowed me to eat from their plates, but I’m not allowed here in my safehouse home and I will protest loudly because of this so I am put in another room so I can’t see them eating. This is an ongoing issue that will need more training.


I eat AS30 and Roudybush pellets. I also love a whole walnut in the shell so I can crack it open. My favourite veg is broccoli, and I love a chunk of apple hung on a kebab stick to munch on.


I love chewing wood! Give me a chunk of wood and a small cardboard box on the bottom of my cage and I guarantee you’ll wake up to a lovely shredded mess every morning.
I have a plastic box on the outside of my cage that my safehouse Mam fills with wooden blocks, paper cups, lollipop sticks, bottle tops and hides some nuts in there too. I will choose wisely what I want to chew and shred it very carefully and discard on the floor for you to clean up. Then onto the next piece.
I also have a lot of toys with wood blocks that I love to chew so you will need lots of wood as I can be a little destructive if not.
I love my harness on and have discovered the outside world. I love feeling the breeze in my feathers, sun on my crest and even the rain. So please take me out for lots of walks so I can meet lots of new people and say hello.


Sinita has got to be the most amazing umbrella cockatoo I have ever know. She is sweet, pleasant, gentle and loving. She loves anyone and everyone.
Sinita loves wandering round on the floor, and if there are children playing, she will investigate and go play. She’s very inquisitive and loves to know what’s going on.
She is quite happy to play on her cage as long as she has lots of wood blocks or chunks of wood. If she gets bored she can screech but not loud.
She does not like dogs sniffing round her cage when she’s safely locked away and will go to the bottom of the cage and try and bite them through the bars so please keep that in mind if you have dogs.
Sinita loves to be sprayed and will spread her wings and her crest will go right up until she’s had a good soak. She also loves a big bowl of water to splash around in on the drop down flap on her cage, so when she gets a new cage please get one with a drop down flap.
She loves to be down your t shirt and will happily have a snooze while down there. Sinita also loves being on your knee with a towel over yours and her head playing peek a boo, this is one of her favourite games. She also loves playing with a plastic ball throwing it for you so you have to keep getting it for her to throw again.
Sinita is happy and will settle quickly with the right family. She is used to middle aged people with visiting children but children living there will be too much for her and she will be unhappy with too much disruption.
She has a phobia of sweeping brushes and will fly off and screech, being really scared so please keep the sweeping brush away from her.
All in all, Sinita is a well mannered, sociable bird. She’s made no attempt to bite or attack and I believe she never will. She will need confident handlers who can give her lots of walks outside on her harness.
Her favourite words are hello, bye bye and hello Sinita and she blows kisses when you kiss her beak. She will also wave bye bye with her foot.
If you think you are the right one for Sinita then please apply. But read my write up as I do have a couple of needs that I must have, specially time outside and lots of wood to chew.

Love and beaky kisses, Sinita xxx

 Location:  Durham

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