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Hi, I’m Shilo

PP number: PP1288


Name: Shilo


Species: Whit Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: £350





Hi, my name is Shilo and I am a 4-year-old White Fronted Amazon. I am a small little girl with a huge personality.



Shilo had lived with her family since she was a few months old but due to changes in circumstances they handed her over to the charity.


Current Presentation:

Shilo is a beautiful fully feathered, flighted Amazon. She is absolutely stunning and has some beautiful colours. She is the smallest breed of amazon and is so tiny compared to the other breeds, but her personality is massive!



Shilo is quite happy to step up to and from her cage with no problems but you will need to gain her trust first. She’s not keen on hands and prefers to step up on to your arm so we are working on this to show her she need not fear hands etc.



Shilo is currently on J&J lean and fit and eats her vegetables and fruit in the form of small, diced chunks. She is not too keen on the chop form the other safehouse birds have. She loves a grape now and again and typically likes fruit over veggies so we are introducing new veggies every few days and trying to encourage her to eat more of them.



Shilo has lots and lots of toys in her cage but her favourite place to be is on her home-made play stand which will come with her when she’s adopted. She will spend most of the day on the stand, chewing her toys and snoozing. If she’s not on her stand she’s on your shoulder while you go about your day. She does love to chew and likes boxes and cardboard to be put on top of her cage. Shilo is a very good flyer. She will do laps and laps of the room to exercise so will need plenty of room to be able to do this.



Shio is a sweet natured girl who shows no aggression towards people. She loves interaction with people both young and old she’s not too fussy. She will take to any male or female so has no preference at all really although she will choose her favourite. She likes to be with you wherever you go and is quite happy just sitting on your shoulder while you go about your day. She is very independent also and will play on her play stand and with her toys quite happily on her own. She settles into routine very well and is covered at night-time with no fuss whatsoever. She loves talking to other birds and has shown great interest in them so would really enjoy the company of other birds if you have them. She does talk although I’m not sure what she is saying. lol and loves to sing and whistle too.  She has a big voice for a little bird and is not afraid to show it, especially if she wants out of her cage.

She doesn’t mind other animals as we have 3 dogs in her safehouse and seems to like the company of other birds also. She is a confident young lady who does not seem fazed by anything so would suit both busy and quiet homes. She will need to be out of her cage all day as this is what she is used to and will shout if caged too long. She really is a sweet girl. If you feel you can offer this special girl a forever home please apply. You won’t be disappointed. xx

 Location:  Doncaster

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