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Hi, I’m Sherbert

PP number: PP614


Name: Sherbert


Species: Ducorps Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300



Hi I’m Sherbet, I am the most beautiful Ducorps cockatoo, otherwise known as A Solomons cockatoo. I originate from the Solomon islands near Australia. I am told I am a pleasure to safehouse and I am an easy bird to care for.



 I was a found bird, so this must be taken into account. I was adopted 5 years ago to a lovely family who loved me dearly, but because of circumstances beyond their control, I had to come back into the charity to find a new home.


Current Presentation:

 I am fully feathered and can fly, which I do enjoy doing. I have the most beautiful crest with a peach colour underneath. I love a good preen, and will sometimes let you spray me with warm water, it depends how I’m feeling, or I will get in the water bowl for a bath.


I do not like to step up but if you are confident and demanding, then I will step up but I am a little bit stubborn so ongoing training will be needed. I do enjoy shoulder surfing so am happy to travel round the house with you but not for too long as I will take advantage so I need someone who is as strong willed as myself.  I do enjoy being outside, specially on my harness, but I will only let you put my harness on once I trust you.



I am currently eating a bowl full of chop as long as it includes spinach and sweetcorn, and I don’t leave anything in the bowl. I get that at lunch time, then supper time I get soaked and sprouted seeds and a tiny amount of seed mix. (tidy mix) I also enjoy pasta, scrambled eggs and my favourite is a piece of plain wholemeal toast. My favourite nuts are walnuts and almonds.



Well where do I start? I love love love cardboard boxes, I love to be inside them, on top of them, chewing my way out of them and if theres some pieces of safe wood in there…. Oh my days!! I have a little wooden box in the bottom of my cage which is full of wood for me to throw about and chew. I also love small foot toys on top of my cage and some hidden treats. I love a good rummage in a box and will happily spend all afternoon playing in there on my own, finding any possible treats.

My favourite thing to do is spending time with my chosen person and I would prefer a lady please as I do not like men much and can nip if I am scared.


 Sherbet is a very loving bird, she will allow and happily accept head tickles and loves spending quality time with you. She is a funny bird, she will shout Alexa and tell you she loves you. She loves being sung to each night before she is covered for bed and will dance with you while you sing to her.

Sherbet needs 12-14 hours undisturbed sleep each night and once she’s covered over she is happy and quiet for the rest of the night. If she is disturbed she will screech but only for a few seconds.

She currently lives with other birds and doesn’t seem to mind them coming to her cage to say hello. She respects the bigger birds here (macaws) but will bite the feet of other birds if they land on her cage when she is inside.

She loves being outside in the fresh air and sunshine and will eventually let you put a harness on to go for walks. She loves spending time in the aviary outside, flying around and foraging on the ground. This is a big part of Sherbet’s life as she loves doing these things.

She also welcomes the rain when outside and will open her wings to have a good shower from the rain.

There are a couple of negative points with Sherbet that must be taken into consideration. She likes to be with people and will easily over bond, so limited time with her chosen person must be adhered to or she will go into full on hormonal overload mode. Although she has learned to be a very independent bird since coming here, if she is allowed to over bond, she will screech constant for her person which is not good for Sherbet. She is also not keen on young or small children but is fine with teenagers.

Sherbet does need the hormonal implant every six months, which the vet will do at a reasonable cost. This helps her immensely with controlling her hormones.

She doesn’t mind the dog sniffing round her cage when she is safely locked inside but isn’t too sure of our cat.

All in all, Sherbet is a very sweet, loving bird. She needs a family who has time and patience to allow her to settle in and become a happy confident bird. She is an absolute pleasure to safe house and I have had no negative issues with her. As long as she has limited one on one time and whoever adopts her is consistent with not letting her over bond. I cannot stress enough the negative impact this will have on both Sherbet and yourself. She is a very independent bird while being here as I do not allow her to have too much one on one time and keep an eye on her being hormonal and over bonding.


Anyone who is lucky enough to have this bird as part of their family will have the most amazing time her. She is a funny, loving and pleasurable but cheeky girl.


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 Location: Durahm

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