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Hi, I’m Sherbert

PP number: PP614


Name: Sherbert


Species: Ducorps Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £275





Hi, I’m Sherbet, I am a Ducorps Cockatoo, otherwise known as a Solomons Cockatoo, and extremely pretty. I have a beautiful peachy coloured crest and a lovely yellow colour under my wings. I am a female and I do lay eggs.



I am a found bird, so my adoption will be long term foster. Sadly there’s no history about where I came from, or how old I am.


Current Presentation:

I am fully feathered and I can fly really well. Sadly some stress in my current home has led me to pluck a few feathers, but they will grow back once I am settled again.



I do not like to step up but if you are confident and demanding, then I will step up but I am a little bit stubborn so ongoing training will be needed. I do like to shoulder surf but I’m not allowed to do that too long as I will take advantage, so I need someone who is as strong willed as myself. I do love to go for a walk with my harness on, but I will only let you put a harness on once I trust you.



I am currently eating hemp seed, AS30 seed mix and I enjoy some sprouted seeds too. My favourite veggies are broccoli and spinavch, and I only get a small amount of fruit now and again. My favourite nuts are walnuts and almonds.



Well where do I start? I love love love cardboard boxes, I love to be inside them, on top of them, chew my way out of them and if there is some pieces of safe wood in there…oh my days!!i also love playing with anything I can shred, whether it is paper or cardboard and love to make a mess. I also enjoy foraging in the nut wheel for nuts and treats, that keeps me busy.
I do like a box inside my cage to keep me occupied when you’re not home, but mostly love to play on top of the cage with a box hiding inside it.
My favourite thing to do is spending time with my chosen person and I would prefer a female to be my new Mummy as I do not like men much and can nip if I am scared.



Sherbet is a very loving girl, she will allow you to give head tickles and loves spending quality time with her chosen female. She is a funny bird, she will shout of Alexa, and tell you she loves you. She loves being sung to before bed and will dance with you while you are singing to her. Sherbet needs 12-14 hours undisturbed sleep every night, currently she sleeps in a travel cage in a room on her own as she will screech if she is disturbed. She currently lives with other birds but is not overly keen on African greys but will respect bigger birds and anything green. She will bite the feet of another bird if they land on hr cage. She loves being outside whether it is on hr harness or in the aviary so this is important to be kept up with. Sherbet loves a shower, she will open her wings and welcome the cool water.
There are a couple of negative points about Sherbet that you must take into account. She likes to be with people, and can screech quite loud and constant if she cannot see you. She hates being on her own, but is ok for a couple of hours as long as she knows you are returning. She doesn’t mind the dog sniffing round her cage when she is safely locked inside, she hasn’t encountered a cat yet so we don’t know what she would be like.

All in all, Sherbet is a very sweet, loving bird. She needs a family that will be consistent with her, take her outside on her harness and be around most of the day. If you feel you can fulfil Sherbet’s needs then click that apply button.


 Location: Derby

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