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We are Sheba & Chico

PP number: PP1027/28


Name: Sheba & Chico


Species: Budgies


Adoption fee: £15




Hi we are two very cheeky budgies, We both came into the charity as a pair so would love to be kept together.


Through no fault of ours, our previous owner couldn’t look after us any more.


Current presentation
We are two fully feathered and flighted little fellas.


The people here keep trying to get us to come out of the cage but it’s a slow process. So more training to do that would be great. I’m sure once we are oit of the cage we will love it.


We love eating millet, finely chopped apple and a good budgie seed mix.


We love our swings, dancing in front of our mirrors and swinging off perches. We also love a good rummage around the bottom of the cage too.


These pair of budgies are loving birds and will be excellent companions for the right family. They love to sing and dance and pose in the mirror.
They aren’t scared of humans and will take tiny pieces of apple from us.
If you can offer this pair of naughty little bird a living home then click that apply button.

Location:  Birmingham

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