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Hi, we are Sassy and Mouse

PP number: PP1391and pp1392


Name: sassy and mouse





Adoption fee: £45



yes but will need bigger one pls



hello everyone !!! We are a bonded pair, we came into problem parrots a few weeks ago through no fault
of our own. We are in a safehouse with mum, dad, and a dog. A little about me Sassy I’m the beautiful white one & I’m 5 years old, I love safehouse dad the most but don’t mind mum either, I enjoy flying around and will often sit with dad and give kisses, I also enjoy whistling to the radio, I like my food, toys but most of all I enjoy being out flying around. A little about me Mouse I’m the beautiful grey with beautiful white specks I’m 2 years old, I love safehouse mum the most and will always fly to her I love sitting on her head lol, I also love flying around I do enjoy my food, toys but do prefer to be out the cage like sassy I will also whistle along to the radio. We only see the dog when we are safely locked in our cage but he doesn’t bother us at all.




Sassy and Mouse came into problem parrots through no fault of their own, their previous owner had
them from babies but due to having a baby they felt they could no longer give them time they were used to so made the heart wrenching decision to rehome them so they chose problem parrots as they knew Sassy & Mouse would be sure to find a loving home.



Current Presentation: 

Sassy and Mouse are both great birds and no trouble at all they are a real pleasure to safehouse.
They both love human company , enjoy their food and enjoy being sprayed. Sassy was a little plucked but hasn’t really plucked since being here.



We are already tame but like to earn new tricks .




Tidymix parakeet seed mix, fresh veg & small amount fruit, millet spray.



Variety of perches, cardboard boxes, toys, spraying, fresh air, UV lamp, plenty human interaction.



Both Sassy and Mouse are a really pleasure to safehouse they are both really friendly lil birds who love human company and will happily sit with their favourite human.



south wales

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