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Hi, I’m Sammy

PP number: PP1122


Name: Sammy


Species: Budgie


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £Donation





Hi I’m Sammy, I’m a lovely little female budgie. I’m around 4-5 years old, and I’m super friendly.



I lived with my owner all my life but she got old and couldn’t care for me any more. She loved me very much and was really upset when I left her but I understood her decision.


Current presentation
I’m a fully feathered little bird with vivid blue feathers which make me extremely pretty.


My safehouse Dad said I don’t need any more training as I step up straight away, go to bed when I’m told and I don’t nip or bite.


I’m on a budgie seed mix and love a chunk of apple hung in my cage. Strawberries are a favourite of mine too


I have lots of toys and swings in my cage and I love chatting to myself in my mirror. There’s a pretty blue bird chats to me through that mirror so I spend lots of time there. I do enjoy being with humans, they give good tickles on my head but I’m also happy pottering around in my cage playing and foraging for food.


Sammy is a happy bird, she is super friendly and will step up to anyone. She is chatty and will make her noises all day long, it’s a pleasure to listen to her.
She is a very easy bird to care for and as long as she has her nitro and a chunk of apple, she’s happy.


 Location:  Barnsley

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