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Hi, I’m Sam

PP number: PP1435


Name: Sam


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: Yes



I’m Sam, a 23-year-old male African Grey. I am very friendly and show no preference towards men or women. I am very brave and inquisitive. I won’t let people touch me yet but will take food from my safehouse carers inside or outside my cage.



Not much is known about my history, I am not very tame but I am a friendly boy.


Current Presentation:

I am generally a beautiful parrot, with good feather condition. I show some signs of plucking around my neck.



I am not yet able to step up on a stick or on hands and will require lots of dedicated training and positive reinforcement to learn how to!



Since coming to the charity, I have been moved to a diet of AS30 seed mix and I am offered fruit and vegetables. I love grapes and will eat a bit of apple but I do not like vegetables at all! My safehouse keeps trying to tempt me with different things each day, with a bit of persistence I might learn to like my new healthier diet.  I love walnuts and can usually be tempted into my cage with a grape or a walnut.



I have been introduced to lots of new toys since coming to Problem Parrots and I have shown interest in a large cardboard foraging toy. I like shredding paper and cardboard.



Sam is a lovely chap.  He is great fun and very inquisitive!  He is interested in absolutely everything and doesn’t seem nervous to be a nervous bird. He will take a large item of food from our fingers happily (i.e. walnut / grape) but if we try to give him something smaller (sunflower seed) he gives a good nip. Sam is able to fly and has flown across the room when something made him jump but given the choice he prefers to walk around very slowly and explores every corner of the room. We have discovered that he is a bit of a chewer so cables and other hazards must be kept safely out of reach!

At his safehouse, there is a table lamp which has plastic jewelled pieces and Sam very diligently tries to remove them with a good degree of success! He also manages to get into the bottom portion of his cage and then shreds the newspaper to bits. Anything new that he finds on the floor he samples with a good nip – including toes!!  He is fond of walking around under the sofa and then popping out when you’re not expecting him! He is very good at climbing and can shimmy up a table/chair leg without any problem. He has sat on his safehouse carer’s leg, but it was more a case of walking across to get where he wanted to go rather than coming to sit with us! He is still getting used to hands and being touched, but with the right family he has the potential to make very quick progress. He doesn’t seem at all aggressive, just gives a warning peck if presented with something he’s not sure of.

He has met our other safehouse bird which is an Alexandrine Parakeet. Sam looks rather apprehensive when she flies around the room but he has been over to visit her on her cage and climbed up to the top, making himself quite at home!

Sam can talk – he has a few phrases that we can understand and also mutters various things that we haven’t worked out yet!  When he doesn’t think you’re listening, he does some lovely whistles (like a little old man rather than a bird! and chats away to himself.  He also does a good laser impression but otherwise is a pretty quiet chap.  He enjoys dancing if you play music and if you clap your hands, he’ll bop up and down!

Sam is a real sweetheart! He loves to be out of his cage, just ambling round the floor exploring and climbing over his cage.  He only really goes back in his cage when we want him to, not by his choice!

Sam so deserves someone who will give him lots and love and freedom to enjoy life.  Be warned – he will definitely steal your heart!


Location:  Northwich

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