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Hi, I’m Ruby

PP number: PP388


Name: Ruby


Species: Galah Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300


Cage Supplied: No



Hi, my name is Ruby! I’m a beautiful Galah Cockatoo.



Not much is known about my history.


Current presentation:

I’m a stunning, fully feathered bird!



I know how to step up and I am, overall, a very well behaved bird and I enjoy sitting with people.



I will eat almost anything! I like fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts as treats (especially pine nuts!), Harrison’s fine pellets for breakfast and AS30 seed mix in the evening. I love food and always eat as if I’ve never been fed before!



I don’t play with toys much so will need some encouragement to learn to entertain myself! I like the company of humans, and enjoy flying and sitting on people.



Ruby is a good bird and very quiet for a Galah Cockatoo. She will occasionally screech (while hanging upside down!) but this only occurs once or twice a week.

She doesn’t like sudden movements or big parrots, but doesn’t mind other birds who are a similar size to her. At night, her cage is covered and she enjoys her long sleep.

She isn’t cage aggressive and loves head tickles!

She loves head scratches and is comfortable with men, women, and children. She is great company and just needs a little help with learning to be more independent, but she has the potential to make a wonderful friend for the right family.


Location: Manchester

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