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Hi, I’m Ruby

PP number: PP1295


Name: Ruby


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £300




Hi I’m Ruby, a very pretty African grey parrot, I’m a little naked at the minute but that just makes me more pretty



I lived with a lovely young man who has to go abroad to study marine biology in Australia, how cool is that. Well he couldn’t take me with him and he was really sad to find me a new home.


Current Presentation:

My chest, wings and back have been plucked but since coming to this safe house, they are starting to grow back slowly. I am in good health otherwise.



Well where do I start….I can do some tricks my previous owner taught me, I will step up to anyone but prefer a males hand. I am happy doing training and I enjoy clicker training so this will have to be an ongoing thing as I love it.



I had a pretty good diet at my old home, but they did give me tiny corners off a digestive biscuit sometimes. Currently I have Johnson and Jeff lean and fit, and I dive straight into my fruit and veg bowl. I love apples, peas and carrots. I am happy to try anything but they are my favourite. I will do anything for a walnut though, that’s my ultimate treat.



I have lots of toys here but I don’t really play with them. I prefer spending time with my chosen person for that day. I will however dive in a box and rip some paper apart just so these humans have to clear it up. I do love some walnuts thrown in amongst the papers so I can go foraging for them, that is great fun.



What can I say about Ruby other than she is one of the most pleasant parrots I have ever known. She is sweet, loves to chill out on my knee watching the tv, puts her head down for tickles, and will snuggle in for a snooze.

She loves a good chatter to anyone who will listen, but isn’t bothered if no ones there, she will happily chat to herself.

She doesn’t mind the dog sniffing round her cage when she’s safely inside, and has started interacting with my granddaughter, who is also called Ruby. My granddaughter thinks it is great that this bird is called Ruby and they have formed a nice friendship.

She now has a good routine, she goes to bed and covered over at 8pm, and we wake her at 8am, she can be a little stubborn at bed time as she doesn’t want to miss the soaps so you have to coax her in with a walnut.

Ruby does have plucked feathers, and has only 3 red tail feathers, but she has some tiny new ones so she will soon be a fully bum feathered girl in no time.

All in all, Ruby is a lovely little African grey with lots to offer the right family. Anyone who gets to adopt her will not be disappointed.




 Location: Durham

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