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Hi, I’m Rosie

PP number: PP1178


Name: Rosie


Species: Cockatiel


Adoption fee: £30




Hi my name is Rosie, I’m a very pretty bird and don’t I know it!


I used to live with a couple but unfortunately the male carer went back to work and I started plucking. I haven’t plucked anymore since arriving into my safe house as I’m never alone and getting all the attention I love


Current presentation
I am a fully feathered cockatial who likes to have a good fly about.


I don’t need much training as I already step up but I would like to try some clicker training.


I eat cockatiel seed food but I am trying as30 tidymix which isn’t too bad. I love strawberry and pasta.


I love music on the TV or radio and I like playing with my toys now and again in my cage. My favourite thing is to travel round the house on my safehouse Dads shoulder or perching on top of the door with the other birds here just watching the world go by.


Rosie is a pleasant bird who will step up for me as she loves the males. She will give a little nip to the ladies but will step up in time of trusting. She loves sitting on your shoulder and shoulder surf and if you have an earring, she loves to have a nibble at it and play with it. She loves a good head scratch and will sit all day letting you. She loves to fly about with the other birds that live here and doesn’t mind them going into her cage as she does have a nosy into theirs to see what goody treats are there. She will chirp away all day as she loves her own voice, she loves listening to the radio and when the music is on she will dance side to side of her cage so I’m a very good dancer.
We don’t have a dog here so we don’t know if she is scared of them we do have a 2yr old child who Rosie does enjoy playing with and isn’t bothered about him at all.
All in all,Rosie is a pleasant cockatiel with a quirky personality. She’s very living and loves spending time out of her cage and being with people.
If you can offer her what she needs then please don’t hesitate to apply for her.

 Location: Durham

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