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We, are Rosa & Ozzy

PP number: PP1266/67


Name: Rosa & Ozzy


Species: Green Cheek Conures


Adoption fee: £185





Do you need an excuse to keep buying new handbags? Do you hate your furniture? Been thinking about getting a little nip and tuck? Rosa and Ozzy will gleefully help you with all this and more, and then give you kiss-kiss! We are a bonded pair of chubby-cheeked terrors who like to eat carpets and have broken a washer twice (yummy cables). We really like humans and will come over to say hello to new people very quickly, but good manners are a bit confusing. Some birds are no bother at all, this is not us, we are all of the trouble and we bring the party wherever we go.



Rosa and Ozzy are full siblings hatched in spring/summer 2012 in Norfolk, and also a bonded pair (well, Norfolk). They were originally hand reared. They have had three known previous homes but were given up through no fault of their own. They are comfortable travelling in a car. They have been around other small birds and they do not mind them, but Rosa and Ozzy are nosy parkers who like to have their beaks all up in everyone’s business and this can lead to squabbles. There is no known medical history or vet trips.


Current Presentation:

We are healthy and fully feathered and nine years old. Rosa is missing part of one toe. We both have pretty leg bracelets; Rosa’s is 4 MKB 12 P, and Ozzy’s is 5 MKB 12 P.



We are really good at stepping up both to a stick and an arm/hand, not so clear about not grabbing on with our beaks. We are highly motivated by attention and treats, and so our SH is getting us something called a ‘clicker’. Hope it’s fun to eat! Right now we don’t quite understand about not nipping, we are working on that but we are still conures after all. We haven’t met other non-bird pets before so not sure how well we would get on with them, but we might try to get all up in their business. We are good at getting underneath furniture to climb up the inside and get into drawers and shelves. Once we are in it, it is ours, and we will happily defend your forks, pencils, etc from any fingers that try to get to them. We are also well-trained in answering passing sirens.



Our favourite foods include seeds, fruit, pellets, nuts, vegetables, furniture, toes, cables, carpet, rattan, and anything someone else has. All the fruit is definitely for us, but green things are a bit suspicous.



Tipping over water and food dishes is the best game, but SH mummy is very mean about this and keeps fastening things down. We have a whole lot of toys, which we like to ignore to play with anything we aren’t supposed to have.



We are energetic, playful little birds who are looking for a home we can take over completely with our antics. We would like one with lots of things we aren’t supposed to eat, hide in, or scream at, because that’s loads of fun, and a family who knows what they’re getting into. We are not too clear what ‘boundaries’ mean, but we would really like to play with them.



Location: Norwich

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