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Hi, I am Rommie

PP number: PP1231




Species: Male Electus


Cage supplied: No I will need a new cage please and a new UV light


Adoption fee: £250




Hello there I’m Rommie or Rominald as safe house mum calls me sometimes.


I’ve been a bit of a frog but I will be a handsome prince once again.



My old owners love me so much, but were so busy with work I didn’t get out my cage much because I was bored.


I started to pluck and them bite at myself, they tried hard to help but just could not give me what I needed.


When I came into pp I was a bit of a sorry state , my skin was dry and itchy and I had a infection I also had thrush in my mouth. My safe house took me to see the vet man he gave me a new collar and some medicine.


Current Presentation

I’m a happier now my skins starting to feel a lot better! I have lots of fluff, and new feathers I don’t look so bald now I’ve a long way to go but I’m getting there.


I will always have to be checked in case I have a nibble at myself and if I do I have to have my collar back on.


At the moment its totally off I’m such a clever boy!


I am a easy going boy and will go to anyone I do lean towards the ladies and children but i’ll sit with a man. I am a very  easy to handle and will step up , however I’m not a cuddle bunny I’m not keen on tickles etc and will tell you this by moving your finger.  I love to be with you and would shoulder surf all day.


I have seen  a little dog go past that’s OK, I love children as long as they do not poke at me or tease me as i’d pull feathers again then.


I would like somewhere I can be out my cage all day even if just on my play stand watching you. I’m OK to go in for a few hours if needed but will stress and pluck if long periods, I like other birds and feel better in company but if I was with someone all day I think i’d be OK.


I love my UV lamp and would need this in my new home to aid my recovery.


I can say a few words once I trust you and I mumble to my self after a shower  I need these a few times a week and spraying every day to help my recovery.



I’m not doing any particular training as safe house mum wanted me to get better first, but I like to learn new things.



My diet is very important and key to my health, I will give you a kiss for my food.


Breakfast : I don’t mind porridge with water and a few nuts. or I  have veg and sprouting seed and soaking seed . I have a mixture of dried herbs on these too.


Lunch : this is my fruit time I love all fruits! my favourite is passion fruit I like to have a half, everyday if I could but vet man says its too much  so safe house mum cut it down. I did shout about that. I like kiwi, figs, strawberries, blueberries, melon , pomegranate seed, pears etc etc and safe house mum sprinkles chia seeds on this.


Dinner: I have a small amount of AS30 and about 5 Harrison’s pellets mixed with dried herbs.


I do like to pinch other peoples seed so please be aware of this as I should only have a bit in my diet.



I like to move about in my cage so I’d like a spacious one please, I sometimes like to play with my toys so I’d like a few of these but mine will come with me. my favourite thing is to just be with you I’ll sit and watch TV with you all day.



My safe house mum just adores me and would love me to stay, however she thinks I deserve more, she’s got a very demanding noisy bird that gets jealous quick and can’t let me sit with her as much as I’d like .


I’m looking for someone who can keep an eye on me and my feathers and keep me in tip top condition. Mr vet says I will grow most back but may be tempted again. I’d also like someone who I can spend my day with watching TV, shoulder surfing and listening to the radio, I also like to get on the floor and have a wander. I cannot fly until my feathers grow but my safe house mum thinks I will try.


I do like to get outside to in my cage or an aviary, safe house mum says she thinks I’d be easy to harness train once my feathers are back.


If you think you can be my bestie then please apply safe house mum says I deserve my happy ever after and I know my old mummy and daddy would love to see this to.


Yours hopefully



Location: Derby

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