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Hi, I’m Rocky

PP number: PP1437


Name: Rocky


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: Yes, but could do with a new one



Hi! I’m Rocky, a Congo African Grey who is around 9 years old. I’m a very talkative boy who as a lot to say. I don’t mind other animals (I’m currently in a safehouse with 5 other birds and a dog), I like all sorts of people, and I will eat any food you offer me as long as I’m allowed it. I do enjoy head tickles, but only on my terms.



I have been a very much loved and well cared for parrot and I was with my previous family for a long time. Even though it was difficult to say our goodbyes, they did what was best for me.


Current Presentation:

I’m a very beautiful boy with pristine feathers. I’m not keen on having a shower, but I’m starting to learn how to enjoy it.



Safehouse mum says I’m such a clever boy as I’m a quick learner, but I have not had much training. I can step up, but sometimes you may have to pick me up – don’t worry, I don’t bite! Safehouse humans are trying to get me accustomed to seeing a harness by using clicker training, I’m sure I will learn quickly.



I have all the toys a bird could dream of (yes I’m very spoilt), but my favourite thing is to tear the newspaper up at the bottom of my cage and make my safehouse mum a mess (she says she likes to keep busy, so I’m keeping her in a job). I also enjoy cardboard boxes and I love being out of my cage. I have been told that I’m a very cheeky boy and I keep everyone busy by getting into things I shouldn’t!



I love my fruit and vegetables and Johnston and Jeff African Grey seed mix. I’m given pine nuts and the odd sunflower seed as a treat.



Rocky is an absolute delight to care for, he’s not a loud bird but he is very talkative. Rocky has the potential to make a loving companion in any home. Rocky benefits from being out of his cage as much as possible with having loads of attention and interaction. He seems to be a very quick learner and I think he would enjoy clicker training. He’s such a pleasure to be around and will brighten up anyone’s day.


Location: Derbyshire

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