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Hi, I’m Robin

PP number: PP1048


Name: Robin


Species: Galah Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £350




Hi, my name is Robin and I am a beautiful Galah Cockatoo.

I’ve been in my safehouse a few weeks now and have settled in well. I am a semi-tame bird so not very hands on, but I love to talk and boy I can talk and talk all day long. I’m always asking if you want to talk? or would you like a biscuit? My safehouse mums says I need to stop for breath! I do love company and all attention on me!


Robin lived with his previous owners along with a Senegal and an Amazon parrot and was a much-loved bird.

Current Presentation

Robin is a fully feathered and a healthy-looking bird. His feathers are the softest I have ever come across.


As Robin is not fully tame so he will not step up etc from his cage but I’m quite sure with time he will do so. We do get him out of his cage and when we do, he will step up and accept tickles and will have a little snuggle. He will put his head down in the cage and accept head tickles also. He is quite a nervous bird but has come along way in the past couple of weeks so is definitely trainable for the right family.


Robin is currently on a special diet as he is prone to obesity. So low fat ‘parakeet seed’ and lots of fresh vegetables and a little fruit. We do have to be careful not to let him overfeed on seed. He is currently eating chop at the moment.


We are encouraging Robin to play with toys and boxes, but he has little interest at the moment and prefers human interaction.


All in all Robin is a pleasure to safehouse. He would be ok with a home with older children but not younger ones as he can be a little skittish and nervous of quick movements and loud noises. He doesn’t mind the company of other birds so that wouldn’t be a problem. He does seem to prefer his safehouse dad and gets very excited when he talks to him but is just a sweet with his safehouse mum. He craves company so some one who is home a lot would suit. He does come with a cage but it opens at the bottom and the very top only so would advise another cage where you can get to him from the middle a little easier. This will make training a whole lot easier too.


If you feel you can offer a lovely home to this fabulous bird, then please fill out an application form!


 Location: Doncaster

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