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Hi, I’m Rio,

PP number: PP1116


Names: Rio


Species: Quaker


Cage supplied: Yes but needs a new one


Adoption fee: £75





Hi there my name is Rio and I am a Quaker parrot. I’m not sure if you know but we shake a little bit when we are hungry and when we are excited my humans think this is pretty cute. I am 7 years old and I am very chatty. I don’t like people putting their hands in my cage I will bite but only because it is my home and I’m not sharing. I love time out of my cage my safe house mum let’s me out most of the day as long as the budgies don’t want a turn. I live with my safe house mum and dad and they have a little human but she doesn’t spend a whole lot of time down stairs with us she likes being upstairs with what I call the ball of fluff apparently it’s a dog but I only see it when I’m in my cage. I have a safe house brother called Tinker he is a Conure and we have time out of our cage together he is only a baby but we don’t really bother with one another.

I have two safe house sisters called sky and snowy they are budgies and quite boring they love their cage to much and don’t come out to play like me and Tinker.
I go back in my cage at dinner and tea time if there is something on the plate I’m not allowed as I will land on the side of your plate and nibble your food. I will eat anything you have I’m not fussy like Tinker.

I can whistle like a human and if you say tweet tweet to me I say it back in a deep human voice it made my humans laugh. I can also make the kissie noise you humans make so when you asking for kisses I’ll make the noise right back at you. I love my toys and my safe house mum gave me some little balls on the bottom of my cage and I love rolling them round.



All we know about Rio is she was a little boys pet for 7 years and she was on a seed diet only and we were told she prefers men but she goes to either me or my husband she doesn’t mind which one.


Current Presentation:

Rio is a very healthy female she is a beautiful bird however we have to limit her sugar intake to stop her being hormonal.



I don’t think Rio has had much training she will step up on to your shoulder on her terms and doesn’t like hands near her cage or inside. We are working with Rio to change this at the moment she is slowly getting better, she will let me feed her millet through the cage now which is progress.



I love veg and fruit safe house mum thought she was going to have some problems food wise because I had only been on a seed diet but I showed her she was wrong. I love sweetcorn but safe house mum won’t give me to much as it has sugar in it and sends me a bit hormonal when I have too much sugar so she limits my fruit and certain veg I love peas and broccoli mmmmm oh spinach is good too. I like banana, apple, grapes, pomegranate and pear.



I love my cage my safe house mum says I should have been a bat as I love hanging upside down in my cage it’s lots of fun. I love shoulder surfing I sit on my safe house mum shoulder while she changes our food and water and cleans our cages, Safe house mum jokes it’s safer for me to be on her shoulder while she does that, not for my safety but hers because I’m okay with you putting your hands in my cage if I’m not in there. I like watching when safe house mum and safe house dad make cups of tea I have my own cup because I try to drink their tea and they said its bad for me so they put water in a mug and I sit and drink that with them.



I’m a lovely Quaker parrot who loves to shoulder surf. My safe house mum says I’m a gorgeous girl. I’m okay with other birds, Tinker sometimes lands on my cage and I don’t mind too much but safe house mum moves him for me. I enjoy being in my cage my safe house mum and dad just leave my door open for me and I come in and out as I please. I either land on the sofa or someone’s shoulder if I’m not in any of those places I’m on or in my cage. All in all I’m a lovely friendly little bird with a massive personality.


Location: St Helens

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