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Hi, I’m Ringo

PP number: PP1393


Name: Ringo



Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: cites





Hi, I’m Ringo and I’ve come into the charity through no fault of my own. I’m a lovely 12 year old girl,
although I can have a bit of a potty mouth! I love to chat away and spend time out of my cag.


My previous owner loved me but couldn’t keep up with my needs, so made the very difficult decision to let
Problem Parrots rehome me. I’ve been well looked after and cared for. Ringo has lived with a family and
dogs and loves the hustle and bustle of a busy life.


Current presentation

Ringo is currently still settling into her safe house. She enjoys being out of her cage and having a fly around! She is still quite
nervous, but has not been in her safe house for long. She loves to chatter away (with the odd swear word included!)



Ringo will need ongoing training with her confidence, although when she is able to settle in her forever home hopefully this will come as she settles in.



Ringo is currently on Johnson and Jeffs lean and fit parrot food. She is very fussy with her fresh food, although this is being encouraged every day. Ringo loves some
toast for breakfast with palm nut oil on it.



Ringo is a beautiful grey who will thrive in her forever home. She likes a busy household because this is what she has been used to. She loves talking away and will shout names and copy dogs barks. She has lived with dogs and is ok with them around when she is safely in her cage. Ringo hasn’t shown a preference to males or females, but she does need to build a bond up to feel comfortable with you. Ringo would be best in a busy home as this is what she is used to. She previously lived with her owner and teenagers so Ringo is used to a wide age range. It’s important that Ringo can live somewhere where she is able to have lots of time out of her cage.





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