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We I’m Ricky

PP number: PP1251


Name: Ricky


Species: Yellow Crowned Amazon


Adoption fee: £200





Hi my name is Ricky, I’m a yellow crowned amazon, and I’m fabulous!



My previous owner was an amazing lady, but she became very poorly and could not look after me again. It was a hard decision to find another home for me, but it was for my best interests.


Current Presentation:

I am a fully feathered handsome bird, I can fly and love to keep myself looking beautiful.



Since coming into this safe house, I have learned to step up but only onto the safe house Mum. I am happy perching on her shoulder and having a ride around. I have also learned to trust people again and I now know that I will be safe and happy in my new home. Step up training will have to be carried on in my new home as I am still learning.



Ricky has a good appetite, he always has his head in the bowl of chop. He is currently eating AS30 seed mix, chop and specially loves his veggies.



Give me a box to play in and I’m happy! I love to play in it then shred it, more so if there’s some almonds in there to forage for.

I am also a floor walker, I love being out and about to explore, and I am very nosy.



Ricky is a pleasure to safehouse and will be sadly missed when he is adopted to his new forever home.

He has given us so much joy and love, and is basically a very happy chap.

He does not mind the other birds here, is quite chilled out with them around. He is also happy to allow the dog to sniff round his cage when he is safely locked inside.

Ricky has had a few visits to the vet to help sort out some issues, but after some medication and good care, he is in full health now with no concerns at all.

Ricky does prefer female company to male company and has been known to dive bomb my husband and bite him, so he just stays out of his way.

He likes to hear his own voice, but doesn’t know many words, but can mimic lots of different sounds.

Ricky enjoys a shower and will spread his wings to get under the wings cleaned, he will have a good long preening session afterwards.

If you think you can off Ricky a forever home, please do not hesitate to apply for him, you will not be disappointed.


 Location:  Dudley

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