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Hi, I’m Red

PP number: PP1136


Name: Red


Species: Hahn’s Macaw


Cage supplied: Yes (will need a travel cage)


Adoption fee: £250




Red is a 16 year old Hahn’s Macaw, Red is believed to be male and is fully flighted and feathered.

Red came to Problem Parrots through no fault of his own, his previous family had a change in circumstance which meant Red was Alone most of the time and rarely allowed out, they wanted a better life for him and did the best for red by handing him into Problem Parrots

Current presentation:
Red was a little unsettled for the first few days but this was simply down to change, since then Red has chilled out and is loving his new routine, Red wakes up around 8 and waits patiently to be uncovered, you know he’s up as you will here him say hello open up!
Red enjoys his fresh tidy mix and water when he wakes and after he’s eaten will come out sit on his door and chat to you. Red enjoys his toys (sometimes he loves them a little to much) but he’s learning that coming out to play is more fun than being on guard lol
Red likes to shower in his water bowl and does not like the spray bottle at all, he likes to have a nibble of fruit and veg but much prefers some dried banana! This is his favourite.
Bedtime comes at 7pm sharp and no later, he absolutely must stick too his routine other wise he gets upset, he will let you know around 6.30 he’s getting tired and start to say night night red, at 7 we say good night and red is fully covered and will enjoy his privacy and sleep.

Red is a little macaw but still a macaw, he likes to be boss and try to dominate your shoulder, however he’s come along so much more by letting him know the boundaries and learning that the fore arm is best, red will step up but prefers to step up onto a perch then walk onto your arm, however sometimes he will step up straight onto the arm. He has learnt to take treats nicely and enjoy sh mum and dad being near without feeling threatened.
Red will need continuous training with his forever home, again this links to his routine and consistency is key. He goes back in his cage on his own but will also happily step up on his perch why you place him in.

Red is on tidy mix, he also has green veg and a little fruit as a treat but be aware on the sugar/energy Red has lots of this already lol

Red loves his toys, he likes any thing that makes a noise and loves chewing his wooden ones, he like to have freedom out of his cage to play and enjoys perches and toys on the outside of his cage so he can swing and play. He enjoys the humans playing with him and likes you to talk and sing to him. He isn’t a fan of music if its fast beats or a little to loud, he likes the tv on to listen to with you.

Red is a lovely little guy that needs someone to earn his trust and continue with his training, he needs a solid routine that must be consistent, he doesn’t mind other birds as long as they keep their distance as with the SH dog, he isn’t fazed by him. (he only sees SH dog when reds in his cage)

Red likes male and female, he can be wary of hands and you will need to earn his trust, he can nip but u can see this coming and its usually fault by you if you move to fast or expect to much, red needs a patient consistent home, he lives with older children 10 and 14 and doesn’t bother with them, I wouldn’t recommend small children as if you put any fingers near reds bars he will bite, so no little ones I’m afraid.

Can you offer this amazing little macaw a home? A small macaw with a massive heart.


 Location: Wiltshire

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