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Hi, I am Raja

PP number: PP1259


Name: Raja


Species: Blue-Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: £300


Cage Supplied: Yes, but could do with a new one



Hi all, I’m Raja and I am a very handsome Blue-Fronted Amazon! As you can see I have an array of colours in my feathers and I look fabulous! I love my safehouse mum but really don’t like my safehouse dad, he’s really kind to me and tries to be my friend but quite frankly I just don’t want to be his friend, I’m happy with the ladies thanks!



Not much is known about my background, but what I can tell you is that I was slightly mistreated resulting in my primary feathers on my right wing being cut, which currently leaves me unable to fly!


Current Presentation:

I am beautiful and fully feathered apart from the right wing where my primary feathers appear to have been removed. I’m not too keen on being sprayed but my safehouse mum insists doing this each day, she says it’s to help my feathers, so I let her!



I step up really well to my safe house mum and love sitting on her shoulder having head tickles. I like being out of my cage but don’t go far as I can’t fly, I’m happy to just go in and out of my cage on my own accord!



I currently eat Johnston and Jeff Lean and Fit seed mix. I also love my walnuts, I have one every morning when I wake up! I love my fruit and veg too, I scurry straight to them when my safehouse mum puts them in my bowl each day. I particularly like sweetcorn, apples and grapes although I’m really not very fussy, I love my food!



I really am an easy bird to care for, as long as I am around noise, be it humans, TV, or Alexa I am quite happy! I don’t play with toys much, but I like having things in my cage just in case I fancy a chew. I love saying my own name, I say ‘hello’, and make lots of other noises! My safehouse mum thinks I’m funny as when she says my name, I copy her at the same time!



Raja is a lovely bird, very easy to care for and not destructive at all. He eats well and is rather comical! He loves women but not men, I think that his issues with men may have stemmed from the mistreatment that has happened in his past. It’s hard to say if he will trust a man again but with a bit of patience and TLC he could get there! Raja loves to be with humans, he loves sitting on your shoulder and having snuggles and head scratches! Raja has been living with other birds and dogs (not out in the room at the same time, of course!) and he doesn’t seem to be bothered by them which is great! Raja has been a pleasure to safehouse, he really deserves a home where he will be cherished and looked after. He has a lot of love to give (just not to the gents!).

If you feel as though you could give Raja the time and a home to call his own then please apply below!


Location: Lancashire

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