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Hi, I’m Raja

PP number: PP1259


Name: Raja


Species: Blue Front Amazon


Adoption fee: £300




Hi my name is Raja. I am a gorgeous Amazon and I am a 20 year old male.


Raja has lived with his family since he was a few months old. Due to not being able to care for his needs any longer they decided to hand him into the charity.

Current Presentation:

I am not fully feathered. I have had clipped wings in the past which I pluck however whilst I have
been in my safe house, having regular showers which I won’t mind and having paper to spread to take my mind off plucking has helped and I have now got some new feathers coming through.


I’m not keen at stepping up but will if separated from my cage and I need your help to get back. I am not keen
on towel at all in fact I am prettified of them and will cower and return to my cage as quick as possible.
I do like to take treats which might help with my trading I the future.



I am currently feed on J&J lean and fit and birdie bread. I also love fruit and veg.



I love to out of my cage all day, climbing over it or walking along the side board which is next to it. I have not
damaged it however when I become more confident this may change. My favourite thing which my safe house parents have found for me is rolled up paper which is stuck into the top of my cage and I rip it to bit and make a lot of mess but it is fun.



Raga is a very nervous bird who is very scared of men at present. He has a nervous knot which gets fast if a
man or a stranger approaches. He is startled easily and likes to be talked to when approaching. He has become very keen on his safe house mum and becomes very excited when he hears her voice and sees her and becomes very talkative although not totally understandable.

Location: Scunthorpe 

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