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Hi, I’m Raffles

PP number: PP1199


Name: Raffles


Species: B&G Macaw


Adoption fee: £450





Rafffles is a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw, who after many years with the same family has found his way to Problem Parrots. He is 22 years old an a DNA tested male.  I am looking for a male main carer  with experience of Macaws. I cannot share my homes  other animals in the house and ideally I would be the only bird.



Raffels was born on Singapore on 20th October 1998. He lived there with his owner until 8 years ago when they both came back to the uk. Raffles owner was a man and he never settled with his female carer when his owner died. Consequently he was given to Problem Parrots to find him a male owner to call his own. In the past Raffles has been harness trained but due to his present emotional state this has not been attempted in his safe house, where he has lived comfortably with 3 men and a lady.


Current Presentation:

Raffels is an extremely intelligent but needy bird who we believes has been severely traumatised in the past by dogs and possibly other animals. He becomes distressed if he sees dogs, even through a window and has shown anxiety with other animals and birds.  He has plucked his feathers for many years now and eats the evidence. This becomes worse when he is anxious. He steps up beautifully for the three men in his safe house but will have little to do with the women he meets. He is a gentle bird who will grab your fingers if he doesn’t want to do something but has not attempted to bite since he came to the charity. The safe house has heard him say several phrases in context but feel he has yet to show his true skills in terms of speech and what he is capable of. He hasn’t flown since he has been with the family, although he will flap his wings on request. He seem very fearful of going on the ground and has not done so since he has been with us, choosing to sit on his java tree or cage when he cant catch a ride on the shoulders of a man.

As far as macaws go he is a very quiet bird but is known to have screamed in the past when left alone for long periods.



Raffles came to the charity on  a diet of Tropican Troplmix and potatoes which caused some issues with his weight. Since being with the charity he has tried but refused a wealth of vegetable types but the safe house if persevering and offering it at every opportunity. He eats his tropimix well and has been resistant to change, he now takes a little fresh fruit and will eat as many nuts as he can get..but these are kept for special treats



Raffles likes to chew his wooden toys and has a couple of metal toys he like to crash around. He has taken to chilling on top of his cage rather than his java tree which we think may hold difficult memories for him. He loves nothing better than being surrounded by his favourite people, watching the world go by or joining in the conversations by muttering away under his breath. We feel that this bird has been longing for the company of a male carer for a long time and has been lapping up the attention he has been getting and which is obviously needed.



Raffles needs a male owner that he can begin to build his trust and confidence in. This bird has spent many many hours alone so would prefer to have an experienced owner that is around most of they day. He should not be housed with any dogs or other fur animals and would do best suited to a house that does not have multiple birds as he does need attention to develop his confidence and trust in people again. With the right time, attention and training Raffles will be the most amazing companion and life long friend to the right man.



Location:  East Sussex

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