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Hi, I’m Pumkin

PP number: PP901


Name: Pumkin


Species: Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £150


Description: Pumkin is such a special bird, he is a shy character and needs time to be able to create a bond, he is very observant and loves to watch you, Pumkin loves it when you sing to him and dance in front of his cage he Bob’s his head and will have a little dance with you, he also likes it’s when you speak softly to him he will constantly say hello to you. He doesn’t like it when you put your hand in his cage he will be quite vocal, Pumkin needs lots of time and slowly but surley he will come out of his shell he has been use to one on one attention he will tolerate other birds and animals he is fine with dogs and doesn’t mind noisy household noises. Pumkin has so much potential with the time and love he is the perfect bird.


Location: Preston

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