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Hi, we are George and Maximillion

PP number: PP1231



Maximillion and George



Maximilian Pionus & Mealy Amazon


Cage supplied:



Adoption fee: 400



Hi, our names are Maximilian (Maximilian Pionus) & George (Mealy Amazon).  We are a bonded pair, we share the same cage sitting together, cuddling and preening each other. We are lovely birds who deserve a chance of happiness.



We are adorable and came into Problem Parrots due to no fault of our own.  Due to a change in circumstance our previous owner could no longer keep us so made the hard decision to give us to the charity, so that we can find a forever home.


Current Presentation

We are both fully feathered handsome chaps




We can both fly really well, although sometimes the landings are a little dodgy.  Maxi will fly and likes to sit on safehouse mums head.  Georgie will step up on a stick but only when he wants to.  Maxi will step up on an arm.  Neither of us like hands to step up on, so keep them away please.  We both love tickles on our terms.  We are not cuddly birds,  Maxi loves top of the head tickles and Georgie loves having his cheek tickled.   We love to go for a walk round the home, so any hazards need to be made safe for us.  Georgie is cheeky and will go looking for you if you’ve been gone a while.

We can both climb and can ascend and descend with no problems, although sometimes Georgie is a little clumsy.

Georgie can drink organic cherry juice and pomegranate juice from a small mug and a spoon which is handy if you need to administer any medications. Maxi is still learning.



Safe House mum says we are junk food addicts, no food is safe, crisps, biscuits, cake, sweets.  We can hear the rustle of a wrapper from 5 miles away.  We will beg for forbidden food.  It’s done our safe house mums waistline the world of good.  If we see you with forbidden goodies we move our beaks as if eating, and then Georgie will work out the quickest way to get to you if he’s out.

We are both seed junkies, so this is a very limited part of our diet.  We will ignore food in favour of seed, so never put both dishes in our cage at the same time.  We both share the same food and water bowls.

Safehouse mum provides us with fresh food.  We like our food cooked, we are not keen on raw veg.  Yes, we’ve tried it, and yes we don’t like it.  Safehouse mum makes chop and bakes it into birdie bread for us.  There are lots of hidden goodies that are healthy for us and she’ll give you the recipe.  It freezes well, and you can make it in batches and warm it in the microwave. At mealtimes she adds a tablespoon of sprouted seeds to this. (We love sprouted seeds), as well as fresh veg which we mostly chuck out, but she keeps trying.  Sugar snaps, sweet corn, chilli peppers, watercress, bell peppers, mashed sweet potatoes, wholewheat pasta spirals, wholemeal cous cous, radish, apples, walnuts and pistachios.  We also get a special tablespoon daily of a mixture of Milk thistle, kelp, chilli flakes, raspberry leaf, dandelion, linseed, sesame seed and hibiscus flowers sprinkled over our food which helps our little bodies with the problems caused by previous poor diets.

We have an allowance of 1 ½ tablespoons of tidymix (no sunflower, no peanut) per day.  This is only put in our cage at Suppertime after we’ve finished our dinner.



Maxi likes to climb round the perimeter of the cage, so please don’t put too many toys in, a maximum of 3 hanging toys is fine.  We both prefer preening toys. Georgie loves foot toys, and will drop them to the floor for you to pick up, and then drop them again.

We can both climb and can ascend and descend with no problems, although sometimes Georgie is a little clumsy.

We have a forage tub, containing treats,  small cardboard pieces, wood blocks, cake and sweetie cases and plastic baby toys. It’s still work in progress as we don’t really trust it.  We also have an argos catalogue for shredding that we haven’t looked at yet.  We are still learning.  We much prefer sitting together and preening each other.  We will play when we want to.




This gorgeous couple has settled into their Safehouse really well.  They are good company and the perfect companion parrots.  They play independently and enjoy plenty of time out of their cage.  Their nicknames are Maxi and Georgie. They need to be part of the family in a room where all the family activity is.  They thrive in company.

Safe house mum says we are absolutely adorable birds and very intelligent.  Georgie will talk occasionally, he says “hello” and ”tickles” and holds a phone conversation with himself although Safehouse mum hasn’t worked out all the words yet.  Maxi makes the cutest noises, beeps and whistles.

We love TV and enjoy a good musical or action movie.  Georgie is laid back and loves to sit on Safe house mums java tree and look out of  the window.

We are both ok with other birds, once we’ve been formally introduced and we love plenty of company.  We eat lunch and dinner when you do, we don’t like to eat alone. The minute you lift your cutlery we are in our food bowl.  We are ok with kids.  Maxi prefers females and Georgie prefers men, so we are perfect for a couple.  Anyone can look after us.  We understand the words  “no” and “leave the curtains alone” but like any toddler we will keep pushing your buttons if the mood takes us.

Sometimes Maxi is cage territorial and can be aggressive with food, so watch your fingers. We will both happily supervise you whilst you clean up after us.  And will happily sit and watch you whilst you clean our cage and vacuum the mess, but we will let you know when we’ve had enough.

Georgie is a typical Ammie and loves a mist with a water bottle, Maxi isn’t keen and will be quite vocal, but he still gets a spray as well.

Safe house mum has provided us with a UV lamp, and an air purifier to keep our bird glitter and dust down to a minimum.  It’s next to our cage and we are not bothered by it, even when it switches on auto to the turbo high setting when we have a flight session.

We like to be “told to go to bed” and “into your room George” so we head up to our big perch for a full 12 hours of beauty sleep.  We are like toddlers so we won’t go until you tell us to at least 10 times,  which is usually between 8:30pm and 9pm.  We like to think about it.

Georgie has some special needs.  He has fatty liver disease due to a previous very poor diet.  There are specific foods that are listed under diet that he must have to ensure that he continues to enjoy a fun filled life.  They both need to be taken care of, to give them the best life, they deserve it.

They have a lovely corner cage, but ideally this needs to be complimented with a UV lamp and an air purifier.  Sprouting seeds are really easy to prepare and this together with the recipe for the birdie bread and the special sprinkle mix will be provided once the adoption is completed.

Maxi and Georgie would suit a couple or a family that has a lot of time, love and patience to give. Hopefully you can see from the write up and pictures how much I love this pair, so please don’t be put off by the health issue and diet. They are really easy, adorable birds to look after. They need reassurance but once you’ve earned their trust, these are the most incredible birds.  They are brilliant company and will be sadly missed, leaving a hole in my heart and home.  They deserve a forever home, where they will be loved, spoiled and made a fuss of.






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