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We are, Charlie and Rodney

PP number: PP468and pp355


Name: Charlie and Rodney


Species: Amazons


Adoption fee: £450




Hi we are the famous duo Rodney and Charlie , Rodney is a mealy amazon and Charlie is a orange winged amazon. They are a beautiful bonded duo, we are very famous is the charity with our super funny videos  and colourful language..




we came back into the charity due no fault of our own, we have been in the charity a few times
We are hoping we can find our forever home..


Current Presentation:


We have been in our safehouse for 2 weeks now and have settled in really well, we have daily showers to improve our feathers conditions which we enjoy, we are not really hands on birds we do prefer our own company than human company but we are not aggressive in anyway.. we love to be out sat on top of our cage and we will  take treats of you nicely, Charlie is more confident than Rodney, we love to talk, we will talk all day and sing opera for you, we do swear occasionally but this is not often.. we can be loud but we are not destructive we do love to shred cardboard though.. we love to sit by the window and watch the peacocks in the garden.



Training is going to take some time with these two, they are very nervous towards hands but with time and Patience they will come round, they will take treats of you nicely.



We love our food, we are on tidy mix and we love any fruit and veg given and we love cashew nuts and walnuts.



We do like our cardboard and shredding news paper.


Overall Charlie and Rodney are two beautiful birds, they do prefer there own company then humans
and aren’t very hands on, they just love to be out all day talking and singing.. they don’t have a
preference towards males or females and seem fine around children..
These two deserves a very special home and some time to settle down, they can be loud but these two
are not aggressive or destructive in anyway.
If you think you could offer this gorgeous pair there perfect home hit the apply button below ..



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