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Hi, I’m Jose

PP number: PP1534






Congo African grey


Adoption fee: £300



Jose came into our home 2 weeks ago. He is a 20 year old African grey, who is thought to be male. Jose prefers women as can be quite aggressive with my partner if he tries to interact with him. He is ok with kids although he doesn’t let them touch him. At first Jose was very conserved but within a few days he has started to come out of his shell. He loves strokes on the head but only under his terms and preferably when it is just me a female in the room or he will bite. He is a good flyer and does like to explore the house. He speaks well although most of his vocabulary is obscenities. Its like he has Tourette. He isn’t very good with other birds and can be aggressive towards my female African grey. He is quite lazy through the day and comes alive more at night. He is a lovely bird and with a bit of time, patience and assurance i believe he will come on leaps and bounds and be a lot more trusting and loving.




Jose was with his previous owner for 16 years, where he lived with his female owner and her partner. He was quite aggressive towards his make owner. He came into problem parrots through no fault of his own.


Current Presentation

Jose is a healthy bird, he is very active and in good shape.




Jose needs some work to teach him to step up, shown love and assurance so he can feel safe and comfortable with his new owners.



Jose is currently on as30 seed. He loves fresh fruit and veg which is the main part of his diet. His fav so far has been watermelon, apples, carrots and green beans.


He has a lot of toys in his cage but loves nothing more than tearing apart a cardboard box or paper. He loves to spend most of his day on top his cage. He has started to explore more and follow into different rooms. He does like to sit on the settee and my shoulder.



Jose would make an amazing member of a family. With love, reassurance, time and patience i believe he will become a lot more loving and trusting himself.


Location: South wales

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