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Hi, I’m Zazzu

PP number: PP1385


Name: Zazzu


Species: Gallah Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £ 300



Hi my name is zazz but people also call me zazu, aren’t I lucky to have two names..
I am 19 months old and I am a beautiful galah. I am still very young so training is still on going but I am doing really well.
I am looking for a forever home, I do have a slight preference towards males and I tend to bond with one person only but my safehouse is working on this and I am getting better .. have a read of my write up and see what you think. And if I fit in perfectly with you lifestyle and family them click the apply button below.


I came into the charity due no fault of my own, in my 1 st home I was brought for a child who wanted a pink parrot and she got bored of me quickly I don’t know why as I’m very lovable.. And my 2 nd owner had to hand me into the charity because I did not get on well with her but that is all in the past.
But we’re here to look towards my future and find me my perfect home and hopefully my Last.


Current Presentation


I am gorgeous just look at me ��
I have been in my safehouse for 2 weeks now and I have settled in really well, my main carer is a lovely lad which I adore, he’s working on me and training me, I now sit on his shoulder and have a shower I step up and have head tickles..
I love to be out all day, there are other members of the family ( female and children which I am fine with) but I do have preference towards males, I am not a loud bird I do talk and I love to dance, I am not destructive I haven’t really found a toy I’m interested in yet but I will get there. I can get a bit cage territorial but I am getting better I don’t really like you putting you hands in the cage but with time I’m sure I will calm down..
I can be nippy sometimes when I don’t get my own ( we are working on this and it’s not an aggressive bite) basically I’m like a toddler and if I don’t get what I want I will tell you �� I will need boundaries which I am getting better with and I know when it’s time for bed now.



Training is still on going, i do step up but this is on my own terms


I’ve not really found a toy I’m invested in yet but I am a chewer so lots of cardboard pleasee



I am on neophoma mix,
I am a really fussy eater and I was originally on a sunflower mix so we are trying lots of new things .
I do love a bit of sweetcorn , sugar snap peas, I like sprouted seed a bit of broccoli and fresh herbs.



Overall zazz/zazu is a lovely bird he overbonds quickly and bonds with one person only.. and does have
a slight preference towards males, but I am fine with women and children. Hes not an aggressive bird
but he will give you a nip if he can’t get what he wants so he will need some strict boundaries. Like any
cockatoo zazz loves his cuddles and head tickles.. he isn’t loud he loves to talk all day long and
dance. He loves to go in the shower with you and spread his wings,
With time and patience zazz will make a great addition to any family environment.




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