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Hi, I’m Tetley

PP number: PP1359


Name: Tetley


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £300



hi my name is Tetley I am a beautiful African grey , I am 40 years young.


Current Presentation


I’m a beautiful girl, I love being out sat on top of my cage minding my own business, there is a dog in the safehouse I don’t
mind it sniffing my cage when safely locked inside, I try bark like him now too.. I do step up but it is on my own term but I love to shoulder surf to anyone who will have me. I have no preference to male or female, I’ve never been near small
children so unsure what I will be like around them.
I love to sing and whistle all day long, I don’t like being left to long on my own I get really nervous.
I wake up around 8am and go to bed around 9pm, I get covered at night.. I love a good spray with water I will open my wings and let you spray me.



Training is still on going, I will step up but this has to be on my own terms.


I love my swing, and I love to be out all day where possible, I also love shredding news paper.



I am currently on tidy mix in my safehouse, I love banana, blueberries and grapes, I will try veg but I do prefer my fruit but
my safehouse keeps trying me with different things.



Tetley is a lovely girl, she had settled into her safehouse really well, she has no preference to male or
female and she isn’t loud or destructive in anyway..
She’s a very easy going bird and will sit with you all day if she could.
She will require on going training to step up, but she is making progress.
She has been around other birds previously and is fine around them.




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