pp1289and pp1319 willow and comet

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Hi, we are Willow and comet

PP number: PP1289 an pp1319


Name: Buddy


Species: Quakers


Adoption fee: £200



We would need a new one please


hi we are comet and willow and we are both beautiful quaker parrots, we were originally separate but the
charity moved us in together and they now love each other.


Current Presentation

There are both lovely, they are both fully feathered and fully flighted. Comet is the younger one of the duo, and willow is a little bit older, they both love the company of other birds and love
spending time with you.
They both have no preference to male or female and are fine around children of any ages.
They are not destructive or loud, their easy going birds, they will happily sit on top of their cage preening each other and giving each other kisses.
They both will step up on their own terms, willow is more confident than comet and will come over to you when you have their favorite treats.
giving each other kisses.
Willow loves giving you kisses and comet loves to preen your hair.
They both will follow you around the house and sit will you all day



Training is still on going they will both step up on their own terms with a bit of persuading.
They will happily take treats of you.



They are both on as30 and sprouted seed.
They love their chopped veg and grapes and apples.



Willow and comet have been together for only a short period of time, there has been no sign of
aggression for any one of them.
They will sit and cuddle up to each other in their cage.
They both step up but they do need some on going training.
They love being in each others company, willow is more confident than comet and he will come sit with
you and give you kisses, comet does prefer to sit on your shoulder or head preening your hair.
They love preening each other and giving each other kisses.
Comet will say hello comet and what you doing.
Willow loves music and will dance all day long.
These two deserve their chance of happiness.




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