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Hi, I’m Poppy

PP number: PP1334


Name: Poppy


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £ cites



Poppy is an 11-year-old (estimate based on ring) Congo African Grey with a great personality. She loves to dance and chat away to herself giving you a good laugh. In comparison to the grey she is being safehoused with, she is very calm and is absolutely no bother at all.


In her previous home Poppy shared her life with another CAG and possibly a dog (based on the barking she likes to mimic) however we can’t comment on this as we don’t have one ourselves.


Current Presentation:
At current Poppy is being safehoused with another 4 parrots, 1 CAG, 1 B&G and 2 IRN’s. She doesn’t mind them at all however they do all tend to ignore her and she does the same. Although should they get a bit noisy, she absolutely loves to tell them to shut up. She absolutely loves to chat to the others with one shouting “bye!” and the other shouting “hello!”.

With regards to people, she is currently living with 3 women and 1 man, all of which are 16+, she may be slightly more swayed towards the ladies but nothing significant enough to say she had a preference. A younger family member (3) did come to visit, and she did not seem comfortable with her around so we would advise for her to be housed with older children only.

Poppy will let you tickle her, but it tends to have to be on her terms only. She has on a few occasions flew over to get tickled and has let us do it through the bars of the cage however she does just tend to keep to herself.

She isn’t covered on a night but will happily settle on one foot grinding her beak when she is sleepy. In her old home she used to be placed in her travel cage to sleep as she would not settle however, we have not noticed this being an issue.


She will only step onto your hand when she wants to, otherwise she uses her stick and is more than happy to be transported around on this.


Poppy will eat absolutely anything given the chance and will stare you down to share your tea. Despite this she isn’t loud in her begging, she wont scream for food and will pleasantly sit until she is allowed her share (likes to have her own veg if you’re having it).

Fruit and veg are no issue getting into poppy. She loves sweetcorn (likes to hold a corn on the cob), peas, strawberries, apple and banana.


In her cage she has a range of wooden chew toys to play with although she does not always seem overly interested in them. She also has her own play stand for when she is out of the cage where she will happily sit on an evening as she isn’t a keen flyer.


Overall Poppy is a lovely bird, she is very chatty and great company to have around. Despite not being massively friendly we believe that with some time she will come out of her shell even further and be a loving companion for the right person.

Poppy has plucked her feathers through being left on her own all day. She is easily stressed in her own without any human company and will pluck. So she will need a home where there is someone home during the day.

 Location:  Durham

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