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Hi, I’m Pogo

PP number: 



Name: pogo



Moluccan cockatoo


Adoption fee: £1,000





Hi I am Pogo the Moluccan Cockatoo.  I am a very beautiful, Female Moluccan Cockatoo.  I am a typical cockatoo who loves nothing more than spending my time playing with my toys, tearing up boxes, and books.  I do love a good routine and get a little upset if things get out of sync.  Please remember I am a cockatoo so I  will serenade you with the sound of my people early in the morning which can be quite loud so if you have sensitive neighbours I may not be the lady for you.  I have no real preference to men or women although I do love spending time with my Safehouse Dad in his office doing my own thing which is sorting his office to how I like it, as every self-respecting cockatoo knows everything belongs on the floor.


Pogo came into the charity through no fault of her own. her previous owner had an illness which meant she was unable to offer Pogo the care she needs. She made the heart breaking decision to find her a new home.


Current presentation

Unfortunately, Pogo has plucked herself and currently doesn’t have any primary feathers on either wing and a little bit on her belly and legs



Pogo will step up when requested and is currently making great progress being harness trained and will have a harness put on with no drama


She loves her food.  She has a wide variety of food, Chop, Sprouting Seeds, Porridge, and AS30 no sunflower mix


Enrichment   Pogo loves her toys, she will quite happily play on top of her cage with her toys.    She does spends up to 8 hours a day out of her cage playing and getting up to mischief.  Pogo also loves music, loves to bop and help rearrange the house to her own Moluccan design. 



Pogo is a typical large cockatoo, she can be noisy, destructive yet adorable, funny and affectionate.  She has no preference for male or female carers but my safehouse dad wants to think he’s my favourite (yeah right dream on matey!)   Pogo hasn’t got her primary feathers on both wings so cannot fly yet, she is quite happy to cockatoo bounce across the room.  She can be noisy and extremely loud so if you think neighbours will be an issue please don’t apply for her as she really does deserve a wonderful home



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