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Hi, I’m Pikachu

PP number: PP1287


Name: Pikachu


Species: Rainbow Lorikeet


Adoption fee: £300





Pikachu is a Rainbow lorikeet nectar feeder close rung bred 2017.


Found approx the start of April in Stevenage handed in as a stray. Attempts to trace owner have failed.

Current Presentation:

Over all good condition, one claw missing no sign of recent damage.


Flies freely around the house with his own favoured landing spot. Will come to hand and walk around on you as long as he feels in control. Good with Male female and children and just getting confident with speaking in a whisper (time will improve confidence.



Nectar, Versa lage Lori mixed 3/1sunflower seeds, and fruits such as apples, grapes and pears what ever the kids are having Pikachu is there for his share.


Ideally attention 2/3 times a day and continue with training with free flying to hand and as much conversation as he is picking up words well.



Time is the big part for chu now the stress of being i the wild the being moved he need stability and he will shine as a great companion.


 Location:  West Midlands

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