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Hi, I’m Pikachu

PP number: PP1287


Name: Pikachu


Species: Red Collared Lorikeet


Adoption fee: £200





Hi, I’m Pikachu, a very friendly lorikeet. I have no fear, I might but little, but I’m a mighty bird!

Not much is known about Pikachu as he is a found bird. He was found in the Stevenage area in early April and handed into the charity. Nobody has come forward to claim him yet. He is ringed, so he is around 4 years old.

Current Presentation:
Pikachu fits in well in his safe house. He’s a happy bird who enjoys being around people. He’s not bothered by the other birds here. He doesn’t try to interact with them, he’s happy to do his own thing.

We have been working with Pikachu to try and get him to step up from his cage. When he first came he would step up only from the outside of his cage, he now will step up inside his cage too.

Pikachu is on a diet of nectar mix and plenty of fresh fruit daily. He can be picky around his food, but loves apples and grapes.

Pikachu enjoys to play with small bird toys. He will give anything a go! He also loves to spend time out of his cage with people.

Pikachu will need a very special home. If Pikachus owners do ever come forward then he will need to go back to them. Pikachu is a very friendly bird who is great with everyone. He has no preference to men/women/children. If you’re providing the tickles, Pikachu is there! Pikachu will fit into any family wonderfully, but please do remember that lorikeets are messy and Pikachu is no exception to this!

 Location:  Stafford

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