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Hi, I’m Pickle

PP number: PP1157


Name: Pickle


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £200





Hi my name is Pickle. I was named this by my safe house as I was in a bit of a pickle when I arrived. I’m looking for my new mummy, are you the one ?



I came from a home with a large white bird (cockatoo) several cockatiels and my mate the budgie who I was bonded with but sadly he passed away.

My  mum went into hospital and we were left on our own .

I’d plucked all my feathers and my diet and environment were poor, sadly I lost my best buddy which made me sad for a while but I’m ok now, although I would need the company of at least one other bird .


Current Presentation:

I currently am growing my feathers back and I’ve put weight on, in fact I look pretty good. I can get upset by change and pluck a little but once I know I’m safe I stop.  I like to be out of my cage as much as possible but can be left for a few hours.  My favourite thing to do is fly so I would need room to stretch my wings. I also like the tv and radio on and love to sit with my friends. My favourite are the little ones although for some reason she’s not so keen on me. I don’t like hands much so no tickles just yet but with time I think I might let you, especially for treats.  I prefer females, I’m a little frightened of those men things, I don’t fly at them I run away. Although sometimes when I feel brave I’ll take a treat of them. I just need someone with time and patience to love me, I can talk I can say hello and love you. I also ring the phone, I have my loud moment but mainly I’m a quiet bird who learns very fast.



My safe house mum has started from scratch, we do a lot of target training which I enjoy , this needs to carry on please as I’m starting to enjoy it. I’ve done step up a few times but I’m not happy with it just yet. I think I could be though.



I love my fruit veg and nuts . I also have Johnson and Jeff lean and low, pasta, rice, etc . I’m not always keen on those though.



I don’t play often but I am learning what toys are for and I love a card board box but only on top of my cage and only when I am settled. My safe house mum will send me with some toys that I know. I love to go in the aviary or even outside in the sun in my cage .



I am a beautiful bird and the more I trust someone the better I become. My safe house mum has a soft spot for me says I remind her of her green birdie. I’m just looking for a lady to give me a chance. Ps I love it when you sit by me and talk softly or read me a book please .


 Location:  Derby

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