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Hi, I’m Pickle

PP number: PP1157


Name: Pickle


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: Price on application





Hi my name is Pickle and I’m an amazon, meaning I’m a piggy! I do love my food and this is the way to my heart.



I lived with a group of birds, a ducorps cockatoo, some cockatiels and a budgie. Unfortunately our owner was taken ill and went to hospital, we were on our own for a while with someone giving us food once a day, then our owner passed away and we came into the charity. I was bald in many places due to poor diet and stress and I was also rather underweight. My bonded friend the budgie wasn’t great either and sadly passed away leaving me feeling rather sad.

Current Presentation

I have been in my safe house a while now, there are lots of other birds here some of the ones like I lived with before. My diet is now good. I get veg stuff here, I was taken for a ride to a man she called the vet (don’t like him much) but he said I was all good and a pretty thing.
I have learnt it’s ok to take nuts from people and they won’t hurt me and I will do anything for them. Mum puts them in my bowl so I go to bed at night (cheat she is). I’m not keen on hands at all but I’m now letting my feet be touched when I feel like it. I’m very shy and nervous but I no longer sit in the corner of my cage .
I love to go out and fly and stretch my wings. The hallways are great for this. After this I sit and watch. I love the company of other birds and need a home with at least one other. I also love the aviary but its not essential as long as I get plenty of time out as I did not have this before. I can say hello and love you. I’m normally quiet but have a loud moment a couple of times a day.
My feathers are now growing well and I love a good spray. I have seen a small dog wander past while in my cage. I don’t mind this and I’ve seen older children mainly but a younger one too, I don’t seem to have a preference male or female.



We have been working on making me feel safe and taking treats . This week we have started something called clicker and target training, this will need to be continued.



I currently have fresh fruit and veg daily, Johnson and Jeff lean and fit and I also have hemp seed I like scrambled eggs too.


Time out , being able to fly, lots of toys shredding are good. I also like to be talked to.



Pickle is a beautiful bird who has had a bit of a bad time , he /she is now ok without his mate and does not pine but does like the company of other birds. He needs someone that has time and patience to spend with him mainly to learn to trust again and I truly believe with the right person it will happen. He/she needs someone with a big heart willing to give him/her a chance at a new life in a world full off love and is very deserving of this , if you have room in your life for a pickle you won’t regret it. Above all time patience and love is what she needs, ideally someone that is home and around more but she is happy to be left a few hours.
Pickle needs some company of other birds, she will thrive and be so much happier than being on her own. She is very adaptable and isn’t aggressive at all with other birds. If you have room for this adorable bird please apply . pretty please love pickle xx

 Location:  Derby

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