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Hi, I’m Pheonix

PP number: PP999


Name: Pheonix


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £CITES





Hi My name is Phoenix, I am a very loving Congo African Grey. I do pluck my feathers quite a lot although my SH mum has been trying to get me out of this habit. I am 6 years old. I have limited vocabulary but do like to blow kisses, burp and sometimes i even pretend to be a seagull. I love to have head tickles and will shoulder surf all day long, but I can be very very loud. I love all kinds of foods especially grapes and pumpkin seeds. My sh mum gives me pasta, and veg, I am also partial to a boiled egg now and again crushed up with the shell, she often says we get to eat better than her sometimes haha. I will step up for my safe house mum and her son who is 10. There is a big doggie here too but he doesn’t bother me at all. I live here with another African Grey called Barney and omg she never stops talking, she comes to my cage and sits and watches me, but that doesn’t bother me either. I can nip but just do it when i get over excited about things. I will quite happily go to anybody to say hello, especially if they have treats. I don’t really like getting misted or wet, but my sh mum has been showing me that the thing called a shower is quite nice and trying to get me used to it. If you are eating or i want attention I will blow you kisses to let you know I am there and want either attention or your food. I love to see out the window on a nice day too, even better to get out in the fresh air when its sunny.

Was handed back over to PP through no fault of my own or previous mum, She has a really important job in the hospital and just didn’t end up having the time to spend with me that i needed so she made the heartbreaking decision to rehome me.

Current Presentation:
I am in good health apart from my feathers, I need someone who can give me all the attention i need and training to stop me from plucking, snipping and scratching.

I do step up quite happily, will also fly to your shoulder. SH mum has been doing a bit of harness training with me and this needs to carry on, any other training will be gladly received to keep me occupied.

AS30, plenty of fresh fruit and veg and love popcorn as a treat.

I have lots of toys here at my SH I love to chew paper and cardboard

I am a very loving but needy African grey, that needs somebody that can invest a lot of time into me to help with my feather problem, I do prefer ladies but will happily go to anybody. I need a stress free home where i can have loads of hooman love and affection and interaction with loads to do all the time so i don’t get bored, in return I will give you all my undivided love attention, dust and dander oo and kisses. If you think you can offer me this then hit that adopt button.

 Location:  Ossett

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