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Hi, I’m George

PP number: PP1013


Name: George


Species: Orange Wing Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £150




Hi I’m George I’m an Orange Wing Amazon and I’m just over 2 years old although I don’t know my exact hatch day. I’m going to tell you a little about myself.



I came to my safe house about 4 weeks ago as my dad sadly passed away, my mum and son looked after me but with mums work commitments  she couldn’t give me the time she said I deserved as I do like to be out of my cage, and if you don’t let me out I’ll tell you. I love everyone and if you show me attention I will sit with you all day and night come to that. My mum did love me and was very sad to see me go but knew I needed a home where someone would give the time out of my cage that I wanted.


Current Presentation:

My home is in the lounge with another birdy called Poppy she’s quite a bit older than me but I don’t think she likes me a lot because when I fly over to say hello she fluffs up and try’s to bite my feet. So I scarper before she gets me I think I’ll be ok with other birds if they give me a chance.

I’m not a great lover of hands but I have got a lot better. I’ll step up only if your going to take me out of the cage, but I’m not silly enough to do it again because I’m sure your going to put me back in. I can’t resist a pistachio so if you rattle the bag I know if I go back in you will reward me with one. When I’m out I will fly over to you and sit on your shoulder for head scratches if you don’t I’ll give you a soft nip on your ear. I’m not fussy who I go to but if I had to choose it would be an adult I don’t really have a preference. I have flew over and sat on teenagers shoulders. I haven’t seen any younger ones so I don’t know how I’ll be with them.

There are two dogs here and they don’t bother me they just do their own thing they normally sleep all day in the kitchen so I don’t see them often.

I do like chatting way I say a few things but remember I’m only 2 so I can learn more. I say “George good boy”. “What you doing George”. “Georgie Porgy”. “Come on then”. “Woof Woof. “Out Out”.

Remember I told you earlier that I will tell you if I want out and that means if your at home I want out. I also need plenty of toys to play with when I’m left alone. I’m not silly I know can’t be out all the time as Poppy needs her exercise too so I give her space to have a fly around but then she goes back in on her own. So then I get out again.

I go to bed at 8pm and covered over I’m woken up at 7am  with my breakfast of chop I’m not allowed chop & seed at the same time as I will head straight for the seed so I get that in the afternoon with a little bit of apple.



“Step up” “Step up” I think I’m going start saying that soon as that’s all I seem to hear, I will in my own time when I’m ready but I know I get a treat if I do. I won’t step up onto a perch so don’t even try.

My SH dad has shown me a harness and has now got me laying on my back so soon I think I’ll let him put it on. He has given up on Poppy so now he’s trying me but I  think I will enjoy it as I love shoulder surfing so if you want to take me out I think I’ll be up for that.

I wouldn’t say I like being sprayed but I tolerate it, I also get sprayed twice a week with Aloe Vera as my feathers were a little frayed and now  they keep telling me I’m a pretty boy so it must be working I must admit I don’t scratch as much now.



I love all fruit & veg especially sugar snaps. I’ve been on rations of fruit since I’ve been here as my digestion system wasn’t working properly let’s just say I was a bit watery but I’ve been on probiotics for the last two weeks which seem to have worked. I now get about 10% fruits in my chop. My seed diet has now changed to Tidy mix which I enjoy now. Take my food bowl away from me before I finish I’ll let you know with a little nip. Not funny but I don’t know how to say “Leave it “.



I have lots of toys in and on top of my cage and love swinging from the ropes. I don’t chew wood much so my toys do  last. My SH mum makes me cardboard toys now that’s a different story I’ll destroy them in no time. My cage is right next to the telly so that’s my company when there’s no one here.

I also have a chat with Poppy but she’s miserable as she tells me to shut up. I’m not bothered because she says it to the dogs when they bark too.



George really needs someone who can give him a lot of attention and a home where he can be out most of the day. He is such a lovely boy and a little character. He will play by himself if your in the room with him but particularly he loves to be with you whether sitting next to you especially on you shoulder. He is only young so teaching things to him shouldn’t be a problem. Whoever gives him a forever home will have a companion for life.



Location: London

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