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Hi, I’m Natsu

PP number: PP980


Name: Natsu


Species: Conure


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £100





This is Natsu who we believe to be male, he was hatched at some point in 2018 and is a lovely natured little Conure. There will be plenty more pictures of Natsu appearing on Problem Parrots Extra.


We don’t know much about Natsu’ past except that he was clearly well cared for and is a credit to his previous owners with his friendly character.

Current Presentation:

Hi, I’m Natsu and I’m staying at a busy family home with my safe house Mum, Dad, Brother and 2 Sisters and that’s just the ones without feathers. There are 4 other birds here too!!! I get on fine with all my safe house people and any visitors that just turn up… I do tend to prefer my safehouse Dad though but other than that I don’t mind if you’re male or female, young or old as long as you let me do some shoulder surfing, I’ll be your friend!! I do have reservations about very young kids though they’re loud and scary and I keep my distance.

As for the other birds here we don’t all get free time together, I have free time with another Conure but I keep my distance and stick with safehouse Dad. I keep away from the other birds cages those guys are a lot bigger than me and although I’ll have a fly by past their cages, I’m not messing with them!!!

I’m not a massive fan of a bath although in my second cage (I’m very posh) I do have a built-in bird bath. I prefer a gentle spray.

I’m a very happy playful little guy while I’m in my cage but be warned if I see fingers in my bars, I’ll give you a little nip! I don’t mean any harm by it though that’s my let me out bite!! Once I’m out I don’t bite… I like a gentle nibble on the ears though, but it really is gentle, and you won’t mind! I like to play hard to get when it’s time to go back in the cage and I’ll do a few laps of the room, but I always step straight back up and I think my safehouse Dad has learnt a trick to get me in so quick… 


Natsu will readily step up and is very well behaved, he will take food gently from your hand and I think he would be relatively easy to harness train as he will just sit in your hand and snuggle. I am going to start with clicker training with Natsu in the next few days and I think he will take to it pretty quickly with what we have seen from him already.


Natsu has been fed on Harrisons pellets, tidymix and a selection of different fruits and vegies that we vary week to week to keep it interesting for him (and the others) he loves nutriberries as a special treat…


Natsu here again.. I love to play with little balls, plastic cat balls with bells in, wicker balls I don’t mind!! I also have a half coconut in my cage that has crate paper hanging and I love to shred that but that’s pretty much the only thing I do destroy.


Natsu is a great little bird and with his playful outgoing and friendly character will fit in almost anywhere. I’d avoid toddler age children although he will keep away from them but if they do get too close he will nip. He could easily be happy in a first bird home as he is such an easy bird to care for or in a much more experienced home that will push his training.



Location: Doncaster

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