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Hi, I’m Percy

PP number: PP847


Name: Percy


Species: Senegal


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £100




Percy is still looking for his forever home. Even though he’s taken to everyone in the household, he really needs a place to call home.



Before coming into the charity Percy had never been let out of his cage, and he had no toys to play with. So Percy needs someone that’s got the time to have him out as much as possible please.


Current Presentation:

Percy is a happy little bird that thrives on attention and interaction. he is learning all the time, and with a good routine he knows he is allowed out each day.


We have been continuously  teaching Percy step up with rewards of his favourite treat, and again to go back in. This will need to be continued and progressed  in his new home once you win his trust.


Percy has fresh fruit and veg in the mornings then he’s on AS30 in the evenings.



Likes shredding toys/ paper etc.

Like his time out of his cage.

Loves interaction from his humans.



Percy is still looking for a home to call his own. He’s a beautiful little bird with such a big character. He will step up on children and ladies as he’s a ladies bird, however he’s not at all aggressive towards men he just flies away from them.

Percy loves head scratches so will need someone who can give him all the attention he deserves. He can say hello and he’s trying to say other words too, but I can’t make them out. He can be quite loud when he gets excited, but this doesn’t last long.

Percy prefers to bathe himself in his water bowl, he will tolerate a spray but doesn’t really enjoy.

Percy loves to shred up paper and toys to keep himself occupied.

Percy is easy to get out of his cage, and he will step up on you to be put back in, but however he may try to tease you and keep flying off but after a couple of attempts he just gives up.

He loves to be the center of attention, and he’s very loving.


Location: Melbourne, South Derbyshire

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