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Hi, I’m Percy

PP number: PP1327


Name: Percy


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £300




Hi, I’m Percy a beautiful African Grey. I love talking to you and once I settle in I’ll talk lots!



Percy came into Problem Parrots due to a change of circumstance with her owners. They had had her for 27 years and Percy was very loved by them. Percy would love it if you could keep her previous owners up to date with how she is doing.


Current Presentation: 

Percy was initially a little unsettled when she first came to her safe house. It was a big move for her after 27 years with her owners. As Percy has settled she has become more vocal and loves to talk to her safe house parents!  Percy does pluck at times. At the moment she has plucked around her neck and some chest feathers. In the past Percy has plucked her tail feathers out.



We are working with Percy to try and get her used to hands. She will take food from your hand with no problem, but she does not like hands on their own!  Percy will require ongoing training with this to then progress to stepping up.



Percy is currently on a diet of neophema mix and has fresh vegetables and some fruit every evening.



Percy likes to play occasionally with the toys in her cage, but does really enjoy talking and interacting with people. She enjoys having her cage door open so she can come and go when she likes. When out of her cage Percy likes to sit on top of her cage and watch things going on around her.



Percy is a beautiful girl who would benefit from living with someone who has the time to put towards further training. She loves to chatter away and is excellent at mimicking the sounds around her. She is around other birds in her safe house, but she shows little interest in them. Percy doesn’t have any preference to males or females, as long as you give her a treat, she will love you!!



 Location: Stafford

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