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Hi, we are Percy & Noah

PP number: PP440 PP1110


Name: Percy & Noah


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo & Double Yellow Headed Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes double cage


Adoption fee: £475





Hi everyone our names are Percy and Noah we are a bonded pair. Percy is a beautiful Umbrella  Cockatoo and Noah is a beautiful Amazon.

We share a very large cage but we do have our separate sides due to Percy being bossy and wanting all the food . We’ve been here a while and do enjoy it.  A little about me Percy, mum says I’m a lovely bird even though I can be very jealous if my partner Noah gets fussed first. I love being out cage all day. I will step up occasionally for mum, I love my toys, cardboard / paper to shread and do make mess all over floor. I’m OK with both male & female but when our safehouse dad visits then sorry no lady gets a chance. So ideally a man in my life would be great. Both would be perfect.

I enjoy my fresh food especially sugar snap peas. I go to bed at 8pm with cage covered and wake at 8am.

A little about me Noah my sh mum says I’m lovely, I love being out cage all day, I do step up on sh mums arm but I do nip first, I’m still a little unsure of humans but getting better. I will do anything for treat especially psittachios, I love my fresh fruit & veg. I chat all day and love it when humans chat back to me. I can be noisy. I go to bed at 8pm with cage covered then wake at 8am.



We came into pp as unfortunately due to a change in circumstances we couldn’t stay with previous owner .


Current Presentation:

Both Percy & Noah have settled nicely, they both enjoy interaction and don’t really have preference to male / female but Percy will choose male if ones around. They both eat well and love cardboard / paper to shred, They both like being out cage all day and will only go in for food. They both can be noisy at times.



This needs to be continued, with Percy its stepping up and with Noah trust gaining is being worked on even though he will step up on your arm he tends to nip first.



AS30, fresh fruit / veg plenty clean water



Plenty toys, cardboard / paper to shread, loads time out cage, hiding treats , varied size / texture perches, a lot of interaction,



Both Percy & Noah are beautiful birds and love being out cage all day, they both love their toys especially cardboard / paper to shread, they both step up most of time but Noah does tend to nip first I feel this is because his not too sure of humans . They both love their fresh fruit / veg. They would definitely benefit from a male carer with experienced of cockatoos as Percy does seem to prefer males and Noah isn’t really sure of either yet but doesn’t show preference, they don’t like children so ideally teenagers would be more suitable. They both can be really noisy but great birds to have around. Both loves human interaction.

Both will need someone with plenty of time for the them both and some where the can get undisturbed sleep at bedtime.


 Location:  South Wales

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