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Hi, we are Percy & Noah

PP number: PP440 PP1110


Name: Percy & Noah


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo & Double Yellow Headed Amazon


Adoption fee: £600





Hi we are Percy and Noah and most of the time best mates.  We live together in a large double cage which can be divided in half if we decide to have a squabble.  We spend a lot of time out of our cage and like to play on top of the cage with our toys and shredding boxes is also good fun.

We like music and are very good with household noises.  We are ok with the dog that lives with us and also the children in the house.

I (Percy) am a bit of a ladies man and like cuddles with the ladies where Noah isn’t quite yet at the cuddle stage but will go around the house on your shoulder.  We need to be brought on with interaction and look forward to more cuddles going forward.


Current Presentation:

We spend a lot of time outside our cage, preening each other and playing with cardboard boxes.  We are both fully feathered and Noah prefers a shower more than Percy.  Percy prefers his safe house Mum and Noah prefers his safe house Dad.



Noah, I will step up and sit on your shoulder but I am not too fond of a head rub.

Percy, I will come to you but don’t like to step up out of my cage.  I will walk along the floor and climb up your leg for cuddles.  I love to bury myself in your clothes.



We both have tidy mix at the moment and do try fresh fruit and veg which we pick at although we have discovered pomegranate which we enjoy.



We are out of our cage as much as possible and have plenty of boxes to chew and play in.  We also have toys which we enjoy playing with and spend time in the evening watching tv with our safe house parents.  We also have music played to us and we have discovered that Percy is an Oasis fan and loves the song wonder wall and will dance and try and sing his own words.



Noah is gentle and calm and loves to talk to himself when he thinks nobody is listening.  We have never heard Noah swalk like other Amazon’s do.  He loves having a shower and loves his food too.  Noah is happy is happy just spending time with his mate Percy and is no trouble at all in his safe house.

Percy is also gentle but can get excited when in human company and can nip and scream sometimes.  Percy does seem to prefer women to men and does loves cuddles and attention.  He is also more than happy also having attention from Noah and will cuddle up with each other.

These pair are easy to look after as they keep each other company and occupied.  The cage that they have is also big enough for them to spend time in and also to separate if they need time out from each other.  They are happy to be left in the house on their own for periods of time listening to the radio.


 Location:  Staffordshire

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