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Hi, I’m peppy

PP number: PP1347


Name: peppy


Species: cockatiel


Adoption fee: £30



Peppy came into safehouse with me 2 weeks ago through absolutely no fault of his own. Peppy was extremely nervous and would cower when I approached the cage. Peppy has gained a little confidence and will come to the front of his cage when spoken to.



Peppy came into the Charity along with a Budgie and they were free flying in their original home. After their owner passed, they were left to defend for themselves whilst a neighbor went in and fed them. Due to stress Peppy has plucked the feathers from around his neck area and under both wings and looked very sore.


Current presentation:

The redness under Peppy’s wings and neck area seem to be less sore and I haven’t noticed him plucking from his neck and wing area since he e, and his eyes are much brighter.



This is ongoing. Peppy has not been out of his cage although I leave the doors open whilst I sit and talk to them.



Peppy is on AS30. He refuses to eat any fruit and vegetables at present but I keep persevering. Peppy is not used to Fruit and Veg as he did not get any in his previous home.



This is ongoing due to Peppy being very nervous. Peppy does have numerous toys in his cage.



Peppy has been a delight to safehouse to see him going from a very quiet bird to finding his voice and becoming quite vocal.




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