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Hi, We are Pepe & Spice

PP number: PP1243 & PP1242


Name:Pepe & Spice


Species: Rosella & Ringneck


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £115




We are Pepe and Spice, best friends looking for our new home



Our owner was unable to keep us any more due to illness so made the hard decision to find us a new home but we must stay together


Current Presentation

We are a pair of fully flighted little birds, and extremely handsome.



Safe house is doing some target training as we need to learn to step up. This will have to be an ongoing thing and we will eventually come round to it. Some one on one training would be amazing for us .



We love our bowl of tidy mix seed mix, and especially love our fruit and veggies. They don’t give us much fruit here but we don’t mind as we both love our veggies.



We have lots of toys that we enjoy playing with, but especially love our time out of the cage to have a good stretch of or wings. We love any kind of toy that we can destroy and make a mess with, such as a cardboard box full of shredding papers. Its even more enjoyable if you hide some treats for us to go hunt for.



We are two little birds with massive personalities looking for a new home. We don’t seem to mind male or female people.  We are both happy birds, me, Pepe, I’m a little more confident than spice  (irn), I’m happy to walk over to safe house mum while she’s chatting and  singing to me, I’ve not let her touch me yet but I think in time I may quite like that.  I like to take a bath in my bowl right after mum changes it so she has to do it again which I think is funny and give a little chuckle .


I’m not as sure as Pepe so I like to let him go first to check it all out and when I know its OK, I follow. I love Pepe I really look up to him even though he’s shorter than me .


We are like ying and yang and must stay together. we have seen other birds and don’t mind them .  we like to keep to ourselves and we are happy to be left while you work as we have each other as long as we get some attention when you are home.


If you like the look and sound of these two little fellas, then please apply to adopt them. You will not be disappointed. They really are a pleasure to have and are a funny delightful unlikely pair.


Location: Stafford

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