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Hi, we are Pecky and Tikki

PP number: PP1002 & PP983


Name: Pecky and Tikki


Species: Cockatiels


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £20




Tikki & Pecki came into problem parrots with their baby. They now live as a bonded pair and Chicki is separated in his own cage. Due to moving the owners wanted to rehome them.

Owners were moving home and wanted to rehome them. They settled in really quickly and have accepted a routine really well happy in a family environment.

Current Presentation:
Both birds are healthy active birds and happily engage and socialise with everyone in the room male or female.

Pecki which is the male is very confident and flies directly to anyone in the room and the female Tikki follows.  Both birds fly back to their cage if you put their favourite millet spray in cage.

Live on a Cockatiel seed mix and have greens fed daily. They are also offered pellets.

They enjoy having their toys changed on a regular basis which keeps them entertained.

Such a happy social pair of birds in good health. They adapt well to living here in the house and are easy to look after daily. The boy Pecki is more vocal than the female. The female does groom the male a lot on his head and face. Both aren’t overly happy to be picked up but happily fly over to sit with you and follow me around the house which is really nice.


 Location:  Kent

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