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Hi, I’m Roman

PP number: PP736


Name: Roman


Species: Senegal


Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £100

Description: Roman is a sweet affectionate Senegal who adores sitting on a shoulder and enjoys a lot of head rubs.


He will happily step up and step off and has Stepped up onto our 9 year old’s hand, he has a slight preference to female carers but will step up onto SH dad if SH mum isn’t near.He is currently on a diet as advised by a vet and eats fresh veg in the morning and will then have a small amount of pellet later on.


He has a lump on his bottom which has been checked over by a vet and has assured that it is only a fatty lump but it has never bothered him anyway. He loves to interact our 3 children aged between 3 & 10 and will come over for head rubs off them and is very talkative with them, he starts to settle down in the evening when the lights are dimmed and will become active again in the morning when the curtains are opened.


We aren’t sure how he is around dogs but wasn’t aggressive when our friend brought his dogs around for 5 mins, he has started to venture towards our other SH birds cage to investigate and be nosey and hasn’t shown any aggression towards him while safely behind bars.


Do you have room in your heart to give this affectionate little fella a forever home?


Location: Derby

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