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Hi, I’m Peanut,

PP number: PP1155


Names: Peanut


Species: CAG


Adoption fee: Papers applied for





Hi my name is peanut and I’m looking for a new man in my life .



I was originally rescued by my previous owner . however, I became a little much for her to handle, and I didn’t get out much so she decided I may need a more experienced home. (plus I’m a man’s bird ). she also said I did a high pitched squeal but I have not done it here.


Current Presentation:

I’m a happy boy I like to sit outside my cage and chat to myself but I do like to say naughty words when you walk by. my safehouse just smiles and walks by. I will happily sit with my safe house dad as long as I can get away with. I don’t like young children or women much .

I do like to walk around the floor a lot and I like to be out of my cage most of the day as I am here . so may be difficult with other pets . I don’t mind other birds. there are lots like me here. I have a liking to wooden door frames so I need to be kept busy and have stuff to chew please .



I’m learning to do more stepping up but if you are a man that will be easy .



I like Johnson and Jeff low sunflower please. I have fruit and nuts am and root mash and veg in the afternoon .



I will need new toys as I didn’t come with any but I like them! I love to spend time out of my cage and with the safe house man.



I am a lovely boy and my safehouse says she will be sad to see me go as I get on with safehouse dad so well. but i will make a male keeper a great birdie ( I know I’m fab).


Location: Mablethorpe

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