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Hi, I’m Paggi

PP number: PP1185


Names: Paggi


Species: Orange winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £ 300



Yes but i will need a new one please, mine is very old



paggi is 17 years old says a few words like to climb on top of her cage loves fresh fruit and vegetables vey
content to sit on shoulder and walk round with you.  Loves to be where you are if u walk out room she will say see you later.



She was brought from Desford was given to previous owner at 1 year old when her brother left to move  overseas she has come In through no fault of her own

Current Presentation:

Paggi is a lovely quite quiet bird, she says a few words loves to be on your shoulder. She isn’t sure on
hands but we are working on this.  Loves all fruit and veggies will sit on top of cage for hours.


Johnston’s and jeff lean and light fresh fruit vegetables loves fresh chille and blueberries are her favorite.



Paggi will need hand training and possibly target training as she is scared of hands at the moment, she can be a little bit nippy too when trying to get her to step up as she’s a little scared hopefully this would improve with time. she will take treats out of your hand.



Paggi will spend most of the day out loves to sit with you and will do so for hours she has some toys but she doesn’t bother with them  much maybe some new ones will encourage her to play she has not shown interest in cardboard yet either, again maybe in time. she will forage for treats sometimes.


Paggi is a lovely lovely bird and needs a forever home who can spend time training her with hands it will come when she is ready she can be quite quiet she does say hello what’s that water and night night and see you later she isn’t keen on other birds or animals she’s ok with teenagers but not younger children she loves to sit with you and loves to have breakfast with you in a morning  (birdie breakfast of course) she will eat almost all fruits and vegetables given when out of cage she will sit up top or fly over to you. She will quite happily sit on arm or shoulder and walk around with you she can be very very loving
she will need to be encouraged with hands.



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