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Hi, I’m Ozzy

PP number: PP1267


Name: Ozzy


Species:  green cheek conure


Adoption fee: £125



Ozzy is an affectionate nine year old green cheek conure. He is a chubby-cheeked little terror who likes to wriggle into small spaces, do a few screams at random times, and chew on everything but especially furniture (yum). He’s used to being out and about all day so that he can properly supervise his human(s). Ozzy has lived with other small birds, but is not always clear about boundaries. He usually just tries to poke his beak in everyone else’s business, but if he takes a dislike to another bird he may start fights. He doesn’t like being alone and needs a little friend who will stand up for themselves. Ozzy doesn’t like to sleep alone either; he’s happy with a cover, as long as someone else is under the same cover too, even if they’re in another cage. He’s never lived with other pets or younger children that we know about.

Ozzy was originally hand reared in Norfolk, and has been part of a bonded pair all his life but was recently widowed. He has had three homes and one safehouse. He has a few bad habits that we’re working on, like the ‘ninja toe chomp game’ where you sneak up to someone’s toe and chomp it. He’s trying to be good, it’s just hard to break a habit that fun.


Current presentation
Ozzy is in good condition and fully feathered and flighted, and he’s had a recent vet checkup with an all clear.


Ozzy has had some training. He is very good at stepping up onto a stick, cloth, or other surface with a good grip, but somewhere along the line he got the idea that skin is slippery, so with a hand or finger he sometimes tries to hold on with his beak.8 He will do his morning poop just before leaving his cage (or just after if you don’t wait!). He is good about taking treats from fingers nicely, and he likes to shoulder surf a lot of the time. A lot. You will never pee alone again. He enjoys repeating ‘kiss kiss MUAH’, but you need some imagination to understand him. Ozzy likes to take his own baths, but will tolerate a mist or spray if he really has to. Ozzy has recently learned about head tickles, and he is a big fan but sometimes a little leery of The Hand so will nip if you aren’t careful.



His current diet is a mix of Harrisons pellets, AS30 and Avi-cakes healthy seeds, and chop, but he would really prefer a diet of all fruit, all the time. If he can see fruit, it is his, and he will go for it. Packaging is not a problem for him. Sunflower seeds are another favourite treat.

His favourite toys are noisy and chewable, like keys, or something with bells and other bits that he can drag around the floor. In fact, keys are the absolute best thing ever and he can happily play with them for hours. His second favourite toys are the shoulders of your shirts, so it’s best if you like them well ventilated.



Ozzy is a sweet little bird used to doing things on his own terms. He’s affectionate with humans and likes to play, but is still learning not to be so nippy. He’s looking for a home that can handle a lot of personality packed into a tiny bird, and where someone has lots of time to play with him and also has a nice set of shiny, jingly keys.



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