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Hi, I’m Ozzie

PP number: PP1335


Name: Ozzie


Species: Lesser Sulphur crested


Adoption fee: £275



Hi my name is Ozzie, I am a  Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo and I came into the charity
through no fault of my own. I have just turned 20 years old 12th of this month (Aug 2021). I will
tell some more about myself  here and you can find photos and videos by checking me and my
progress out on Facebook Problem Parrots Extra page and search #Ozzie, ENJOY!



Not to dig too much into my history but to help me find the right home, some information is
best to be known. I came into the charity a few weeks ago, now don’t  get me wrong my previous
owners loved me wholeheartedly but one of them was severely allergic to me and so I was
unable to go inside the house unless they went away on holiday.
I had time with them but I became bitey towards them and because of this their time with me
became less and they made the hardest of hard decisions to relinquish me to the charity.


Current Presentation

I am living here in my safehouse (I am in an actual house now, would you believe? ), in my own
cage, there are 2 greys here who do not bother with me and I do not bother with them unless I
land on their cage then I nearly get in trouble and SH mum needs to keep them from biting or
nipping me until I can escape from them.
There are also 3 budgies here in their own cage that are very lively, and like to tease us bigger
birds by flying low by our heads and making us jump. I am not yet used to this but they are
There are 2 dogs and a cat here, I do not see much of them as SH mum keeps them out of my
way with me being very jumpy but I like to make those dog things bark with my screaming oh
and I make the little tiny human thing cry a lot too screaming as I want SH mum all to myself.
I am a ladies bird ONLY, Please note this as I may not bite much, but I can still hurt, I fear more
than I attack, I will hiss to warn you to back away with my tail fanned out and my crest fully up.
I need time, patience before training. I do not mind the little person who comes here but only if
she does not get too close she is nearly 6 anyone younger and I am very jealous and will scream
for the attention, I do not get the attention though, my SH mum ignores me and if I carry on
regardless and really get annoying, she tells me Back in a minute and sits outside, I can see her
so I scream for her but she only comes in when she is ready and talks to me if I am quiet,
apparently this is training me to be a good girl to share her love but I still don’t like it. I DO get
good girl treats if I am not screaming and lots of kisses, kisses are the best.
I didn’t have a routine that I can remember. My SH mum has me in one now and I sleep much
better. I am put to sleep at 8pm each night, one hour after the others, this gives me one on one
time with SH mum for some training and snuggle time. I will be covered with blankets until
between 8.30am and 9.30am in the morning so I have had a minimum of 12 hours sleeps. I love
to be out of my cage now most of the day but I still wont really leave my cage top unless I am
either over excited or something has spooked me, my SH mum is working with me on this.
I love showers but not in the shower. I prefer the spray mist pump bottle as it gets in everyone
of my tiny feathers. My SH mum says I look and am so gorgeous and adorable when I spread my
wings out.

I am a typical TOO and therefore I am very loud most of the time with my screaming, usually
when I am not getting attention when i want it. I am messy with my food, it just goes
everywhere, even with the seed catcher on my cage, my SH mum says I have just learned how to
throw it better haha. I am not cage territorial, well maybe I am at first, but once I have settled in
I am ok, but it is always good to be careful not to take me by surprise as I scare so easily and I
may accidentally nip in fear.
Once I get to know and trust you, I love kisses, my head stroked, back of my crest and all around
my face but my SH mum says can not do this for very long as I keep getting in such a quiver and I
seem to be trying to over bond with her, she knows this as I keep turning round and pushing my
tail in her face and she walks away until I turn around again and calms down. I can't help it, I just
loves her so much.
I also tried an Aviary on a day out with SH mum, there was this HUGE thing in there, everyone
called it a Blue and gold  Macaw he was scary looking but didn’t bother me too much until he wanted food
and chased me across the rope, I had lots of room and SH mum kept checking in on me so I felt
relaxed. All the strange people I did not know came to look at us and talk to us, I only screamed
a little bit but SH mum said I did really really well that day.



I love Dried Banana Chips as rewards when I am a good girl. We haven’t started clicker or target
training yet due to my background.
I needed to trust my human pet first and she simply stayed with me, talked to me, gave me
encouragements with her soft voice and treats and never left me for too long. When she went
out, she always came home to us, saying hello to all of us birds here, even me too.
Lately, On week 4, she started training me to step-up using my Banana Chips, I learned this well
but I won't stay on her arm. Now on our 5th week, to help me stay on her arm longer, SH mum
gets me to step-up and we walk away from the cage a little before she hands the treat over and
tells me I am a good girl. I still fly off back to my cage but SH mum says I am still a very good
Trust, treats and hands on training with lots of love seems to work well at this time and I love it.


I was on some pellet mix and SH mum slowly introduced me to AS30 which I love making making
a fantastic mess of my cage with but I do like the food as much as the mess.
I loves grapes, Pomegranates and Passion fruits (my fave fruits), I am not keen on veggies but
sometimes I will try them or throw them or just leave them haha

I have just found some Harrisons in my food, not sure yet if I like them, SH mum just caught me
throwing my dinner everywhere and some of it was in there haha maybe I will get used to it in time.




When Ozzie joined my home it was her first time in a real home environment. I have no children
at home but I was also safehousing a CAG along with a TAG I adopted and a TAG I own and three
budgies. This was not just a small change for Ozzie, it was a complete dramatic change for her
and for the first couple of weeks it was about giving her TIME! just that, time. Talking to her
every day, to reassure her that she is OK and rewarding her for just being her.
The TV (pictures, sounds or both), would make her jump, scream, flinch and quiver in fear. In
fact, any noise would and sometimes some still do. I believe Ozzie had minimal human
interaction over the course of her life and time and now does not take a liking to men.

However, my son although she still does not like him, Ozzie does not dive to the rear of her cage
as much now and will sit on the front with her crest up hissing at him unless my son bends down
to talk to her then she will climb towards the rear of her cage.
Ozzie will not do well with children under 5 due to her demand for attention and is a very
jealous young lady.
Although Ozzie has settled very well with my birds here she is better suited in a home where she
is alone with a Primary Female mum who is home most days, this also includes no cats,
dogs, rabbits any other pets that take attention away from her including training of her.
As long as you can provide Ozzie time, patience, confidence, lots and lots of training, enough
attention, home for her, a lady to call her own, plenty to choose from to do and a sturdy routine
along with a steady good nutritious balanced diet then this beautiful girl will love you for life.
Having good neighbors is also a must for keeping any noisy cockatoo, when Ozzie screams she
really does scream so please do your research before applying for this gorgeous girl!



Greater Manchester

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