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Hi, I’m Ozzie

PP number: PP404


Name: Ozzie


Species: Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee:Price on application




Hi I’m Ozzie and I’m a Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. I have been here at my safe house a few weeks now and have settled really well. I am notorious for attacking the ladies and would need a male carer although I have not tried to attack my safehouse mum since being here (the first lady I haven’t in 27 years!) But there’s still time I may chance my mind. I think I actually quite like her but don’t tell her that!.  I like my cuddles, but I am a typical too and will over bond given the chance.  I can be quite noisy too at times If I want your attention and you’re not giving it to me. For the males in the house I am a big softie. I like to be with them as much as possible. I have been sitting on my SH mums knee quite a lot and will let her give me tickles but Id much rather this be my SH dad.



Ozzie has been handed back to the charity many times due to his hate for women. He will settle for a few weeks and then target the females in the house unfortunately.


Current Presentation:

Ozzie is a beautiful fully feathered Cockatoo. He is such a handsome boy!



He does like his food and can easily be trained because of this. He will step up to both his sh mum and dad with no problems and also knows when its time to go back to his cage. Although we have not tried yet we think Ozzies will have no problems with harness training.



Ozzie is on J&J lean & fit parrot seed mix and does like fresh veg and fruit. He has been eating these raw, fresh and also in a chop. He also enjoys eating his sprouting seeds and pulses.



Ozzie likes to be out of his cage once he settles in and is more than happy to play inside if he has lots of toys to destroy. He has a play stand that he loves to sit on by the window to shout at people passing by. He will destroy a wooden toy in no time. We have to provide him with lots of wood and cardboard to keep him busy. He likes to sit on the sofa with us when his safe house dad comes home from work for cuddles and a fuss. He will run and jump along the back of the sofa to show off to us which does make us laugh a lot. We have started to put Ozzie in the birdroom with our birds in the day which he quite enjoys. He will happily eat all their food and destroy all their toys. We have had no problems at all with Ozzie being around other birds. We have Cockatoos, Amazons and Ekkies and he doesn’t bother them at all.



I am a very loving boy who would love a male carer to spend my days with. Although I may tolerate a female carer, I will always choose the male when they are around. I do like the company of other birds and they help me to be independent and not crave the attention of the humans. Apart from the loud screeching I do when I want some attention my SH mum says I no bother at all. I don’t seem to mind children but due to biting in the past I wouldn’t let me near smaller ones! I may try to eat them! So if you have plenty of time and patience and of course a life supply of wood please apply for me! Love Ozzie xx



 Location:  Doncaster

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